Towards the end of her marriage to Andrew Cuomo, Kerry Kennedy slept in a locked bathroom for protection, according to one biographer who took a close look at Gov Cuomo’s life

Abusive bullying helped end the marriage between 63-year-old Cuomo and Kennedy, the seventh child of former Sen. Robert F Kennedy said the author Michael Shnayerson said they were married from 1990 to 2005 and have three daughters

The allegations fit a pattern of brutal bullying and degrading treatment of women levied over the past few weeks that Cuomo has faced widespread calls to resign and possibly impeach if he does not

Shnayerson wrote that Kennedy was planning to get out of the marriage by 2001, around the time Cuomo’s role as Secretary of State for Housing and Urban Development was dissolved under President Bill Clinton

“Her problems with her husband were strictly personal,” Shnayerson wrote in Vanity Fair. Part of her complaints centered on not going to her daughters’ schools and reading a book about parenting, but there were also tougher allegations

“Kerry finished being ridiculed and belittled,” says Shnayerson of a source close to the couple who told him, “Andrew would either work on the marriage or he wouldn’t and the two would each other divorce ”

Cuomo made an unsuccessful bid for the governor in 2002, but failed to make it past the state convention. Kennedy was demanding a divorce once he was eliminated from the race

Shnayerson wrote that Cuomo refused to leave her home or respond to her lawyers for six months

“During that time, Kerry slept in a locked bathroom for more than one night, according to a close family source who reported cases of physical abuse.” I was a human rights activist and for women with abusive husbands, “Kerry told one Friend, “and this is where I endure this abuse,” recalled Schnayerson

The bullying behavior continued in a number of ways, such as when it became difficult to plan vacations for their daughters, he wrote, citing a source as saying, “There are a million opportunities for a single parent, life making the other parent’s miserable, and he played this game “


A governor spokesman told Vanity Fair, “The divorce was over 15 years ago and was tabloid for weeks and all sorts of untrue rumors circulated. Time proved them all wrong. Andrew is a great father and his daughters are going to be be the first to say that Kerry and Andrew were great co-parents – and time showed that those who spread the rumors were actually the problem ”

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Kerry Kennedy

World News – USA – Kerry Kennedy slept in a locked bathroom to avoid Andrew Cuomo’s abuse: biographer