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On Monday night, Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went live on Instagram to share the full story of what happened to her on the day of the Capitol attack.In an emotional 90-minute monologue, Ocasio-Cortez explained how she was on the day of the riot was in her office when she heard a loud knock on her door and a voice screaming, “Where is she? Where is she?” She ran and hid in an office bathroom because she thought an insurgent had broken in and she was about to die. Finally, she learned that the man was a Capitol police officer who directed her and her associate to move to another building where she spent hours sheltering in the office of Congresswoman Katie Porter

“First she saw me and we waved,” Rep Porter stated on MSNBC after Ocasio-Cortez ‘Live, “I walked into my office and a few seconds later she knocked and said,’ Could we come in? ‘”

“Your coworker tried to describe what happened and Alex is usually always polite and very personable and she didn’t even really speak to me. She opened doors and I said,” Can I help you? What are you looking for ? ‘ And she said, “I’m looking for where to hide ‘”

Porter went on to describe the two most powerful memories she had from that day. She said to Ocasio-Cortez, “Don’t worry I’m a mother I’m calm I have everything we need here We could about live in this office for a month “, replied Ocasio-Cortez:” I just hope that I will become a mother, I hope I don’t die today ‘”

Porter also recalled wearing flats while Ocasio-Cortez wore heels, and the congresswoman told her, “I know I shouldn’t have been wearing heels. How am I supposed to run?”

After Rep Porter’s interview, it was posted on Twitter, Ocasio-Cortez retweeted the video and wrote: “Thank you @katieporteroc for pressing it that day” He added, “You are a wonderful friend”

Katie Porter

World News – USA – Katie Porter reports that she sought protection with AOC during the Capitol attack

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