Ohio state quarterback Justin Fields scored a devastating hit in the midsection on Friday night, finishing it despite being in obvious pain

After beating Clemson, the player, who had improved his draft inventory with a performance of six touchdowns on a major college football stage, stated that he had not received a great explanation for the specific injury he sustained on the receiving end got a helmet first hit from linebacker James Skalski that triggered his ejection to aim

What did Fields learn from being assessed by team doctors during the game or the 20-minute halftime?

“You didn’t tell me anything,” Fields told reporters after USA Today’s 49:28 win over Erick Smith. “I took a shot or two and just ran back out. But it’s pretty much my whole right side That’s messed up And a little bit my hip But they didn’t give me a diagnosis at all ”

The fields twitched repeatedly during the rest of the game when the ball was thrown and when trying to step onto a side wheel to keep slack. He intermittently grabbed the area above his right hip

Even with a “shot” or two aimed at numbing the discomfort, Fields continued to show signs of distress. And although it is unreasonable to expect the doctors to give a clear and specific diagnosis of the full extent of the damage , expect doctors to rule out anything serious like an injured kidney

When Chris Simms suffered a ruptured spleen while playing quarterback for Tampa Bay in September 2006, doctors didn’t diagnose it until after the game when they finally discovered he was bleeding internally so it’s not an unprecedented or potentially serious condition to close through the cracks slide

Felder Apparently Avoided Injury to Internal Organs However, based on his explanation, it sounds like no one ruled it out – or at least that they wouldn’t have told him if they had

His design inventory will surely help if he can play in the championship game & that he does similar I believe he is tough.It is up to the organization / staff to ensure that he is properly checked for injuries I would love to hear from them about their review during the & plan that is evolving

How realistic is it to diagnose injuries during a game? Aside from something clear and obvious, I can understand how they can just shut the serious stuff out and figure the rest out later on the other hand, I’m used to waiting hours at the doctor for simple things

I’m overwhelmed by kids like him who can throw a 50 yard bomb with fairly flat feet and precise accuracy Unfortunately, soccer is not a sport where player health is paramount I’m not shocked that they didn’t do more than ask him if he thought he could keep playing He’s looking for a payout on a lottery ticket if he survives the championship game

It is not OSU per se, my two cents, the parents of the big high schoolers buy agents and pass the information on to their children OSU is in a weak league with MSU, M and Penn St no longer able to recruit talent. So these kids all want to go there because the bid dance is a shoe there is no one to beat them
It’s not ironic that all the coaches in Clemson, Alabama, and OSU have won records and look like geniuses The recruits beg to go How hard can that be?

So what should you do? You will not finish the game as long as it takes 2 hours to get an MRI, usually when you can walk and are not disoriented or anything that you will be playing

Fields is a drama queen, looked great in the pocket, moved around, did some deep throws, and looked fine, but yeah, on the edge he winced and grimaced So fake

It just seems like coaches are openly disregarding the safety of the players by simply giving him a few injections and sending him back without an X-ray or scan. Sure, he wants to play but the coaches are responsible for their safety Risks of Permanent Injury Paradoxically, if a professional QB had been affected by such a hit, the backup would have been completed quickly. Why the separation?

Unjustifiable This young man is very lucky Obvious misconduct should never be allowed I want a full judicial investigation This man was in obvious pain and those who were supposed to take care of him and protect him threw him to the wolves, to receive further penalties Too bad for the entire OSU program

So what happens to the cheap shot? This is the second bowl game he’s been banned from for unnecessary roughness and personal fouls I think the NFL will love him It’s all about the ratings and the money

I don’t watch college football much, but that hit looked perfectly fine to me I think the aiming was because the attacker lowered his head? The execution of the duel looked perfect to my untrained eye, but again, I don’t watch much college football

Skalski bowed his head to give Fields a shoulder. Fields turned and Skalski couldn’t. If this is a great boy’s sport, let them play football. Quarterbacks are important, but not immune to hard blows Oh wait … yeah , are you I think I’m old enough to remember when men played the game and didn’t whine

This hit could be the best thing that ever happened to him because it showed how much grit he has, and every team that designs it is lucky enough to have it

It’s hard to play tough football as a defensive player – especially on ejections.It’s also tough to play tough football, especially as an offensive player, when you’re sometimes forced into the tent because the official is yelled at by the media when He doesn’t kick anyone off the field There is protection and there is overprotection. If someone wobbles, take them to the tent, but if it’s just a hard blow and they want to keep going – send them into the tent? that disrupts the game I’m glad it doesn’t happen too often

Justin Fields injury

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