Mr Huber, known in the ring as Brodie Lee and Luke Harper, died of a “lung problem” that had nothing to do with Covid-19, his wife said

Jon Huber, a pro wrestler known in the ring as Luke Harper and Brodie Lee, died on Saturday. He was 41 years old

His death followed a battle with a “lung problem” that has nothing to do with Covid-19, his wife Amanda Huber said on Instagram

Mr Huber became famous through World Wrestling Entertainment, where he was known for his quietly spoken intensity in the ring

During his time at WWE, he enjoyed success in the independent space before moving to the NXT brand

He battled other wrestling stars, including The Shield, Kane, Daniel Bryan, John Cena and the Usos, using a combination of “aggressive attacks and insane mind games,” said WWE

Mr Huber “moved with rare speed for a 6-foot-5 monster,” said his biography on WWE. “His dazzling clotheslines and frenzied dives outside have knocked anyone who dared step on him across the ring”

In 2014 he won the Intercontinental Championship and later the SmackDown Tag Team and NXT Tag Team championships

“Whether it’s power bombing rivals from ladders to head-to-toe with John Cena, Harper has left an indisputable mark on WWE and NXT – and a literal scar on some Superstars,” said WWE

“In an industry full of good people, Jon Huber was immensely respected and loved in every way – a wild and captivating talent, a thoughtful mentor, and just a very kind soul who made his person Mr. Brodie Lee strongly disagreed, “AEW said in a statement

His last TV battle was a bloody fight against Cody Rhodes, an AEW superstar, in October

Mr Rhodes wrote in a social media tribute that it would be an honor to have his last match with Mr. Huber, whom he said was “a family man and a first class person”

Referring to Mr. Huber as “Big Rig”, Mr. Rhodes said Mr. Huber was a “gifted athlete and storyteller, and his gift was to challenge you, and he set the bar very high”

“Totally devastated by the loss of Jon,” Hulk Hogan wrote on Twitter. “Such a great talent and a great person! RIP my brother ”

Jon Huber

World news – USA – Jon Huber, who became famous with World Wrestling Entertainment, dies at the age of 41