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Today Johnny Cash would be 89 Birthday celebrated but the 71-year-old left this world a few months after his wife June Carter Cash the country music legend succumbed to respiratory failure caused by his diabetes.But in his final weeks, Cash took some of his best-known songs in posthumous releases American V and VI on

Late last year, son John Carter Cash spoke exclusively to Expressco UK about how his father quadrupled his music recording efforts for these final sessions

But did you know there are a lot of unreleased songs from this period that fans haven’t heard yet?

His son said, “There is more music, but I have a feeling this story has been told. The very last of his recordings have been released

Today we celebrate the life of Johnny Cash, who was born on that day in 1932! ImageTwittercom / YOdFAX6wdP

John Carter Cash continued, “What is amazing is that you hear the frailty in his voice, you hear the sadness in his tone, you hear the loss he struggled through

“But if you listen carefully you will hear the undeniable strength and beauty that lies beneath everything that supports and carries him on”

In 2014, the now 50-year-old told The Guardian: “There are some things in the works right now – probably four or five albums if we were going to get it all out

“There may be three or four albums with American Recordings, but some of them may never see the light of day”

The record contains 12 of the master recordings of The Man in Black in combination with the famous orchestra

Both versions of I Walk The Line and Flesh and Blood are previously unreleased alternate takes from Johnny Cash’s soundtrack sessions for the 1970 Gregory Peck film I Walk The Line

Cash’s son added, “I know my father would love to see this new album become a reality. I am extremely proud to present this masterpiece, the essential work of Johnny Cash, with the orchestra he most importantly adored and valued ”

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John Carter Cash also told us about his father’s friendship with the late great Elvis Presley

The 50-year-old said: “They were contemporaries and part of the driving force that created rock and roll

“My father and Elvis were friends; They worked side by side when Elvis was at Sun Records

“[Of course] Elvis later made his films and a little more music and they never worked together again after the 1950s”

Over the years, the Man in Black and the King crossed on their own path

“Dad went in different directions than Elvis”, has a legacy as a longtime artist and has seen resurrections and renaissance all his life ”

Unfortunately, John failed to meet The King at a show in Las Vegas in the early 1970s because he was too sick to meet the icon that day

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Johnny Cash

World news – USA – Johnny Cash unreleased songs: “There is more music” admits his son John Carter Cash

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/music/1403234/Johnny-Cash-unreleased-songs-John-Carter-Cash-Johnny-Cash-birthday