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If there are two things to rely on about Super Bowl commercials it’s celebrity and nostalgia and the latest Super Bowl commercial for Scott’s & Miracle-Gro starring John Travolta and daughter Ella Travolta, the Doing dance moves from Grease is exactly what the soccer spots are all about because of the product, the commercial shows the father and 20 year old daughter enjoying their garden and, as an added bonus, doing TikTok dances on the topic of fat

In addition to the father-daughter duo, TV presenter Martha Stewart, office star Leslie David Baker, actor Carl Weathers, NASCAR driver Kyle Busch and peloton instructor Emma Lovewell also feature as Stewart the Grease Star caught dancing, she says, “He’s still doing it!”

Read on to see John and Ella in their new Super Bowl commercial, as well as some of the other ads that came out ahead of the big game on Sunday

And for a look back at another classic, you could probably quote from start to finish: This is what all “home alone” kids look like now

In John’s and Ella’s part of Scotts’ & Miracle-Gro commercial, former Danny Zuko sets up a smartphone to film him and Ella dancing and they start some “Born to Hand Jive” moves before they do Break into other dances Instead of the song from the movie, they groove to Surfaces Baker’s “Sunday Best” telling them, “Hey, Travoltas! Don’t be tiking and toking on my grass!” (You can see the full display here)

You can find more adorable celebrity families at Heidi Klum She just posted a rare photo of all four kids together

The real couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have teamed up for an ad for Cheetos that also features musician Shaggy.It shows Kutcher Kunis repeatedly stealing his Cheetos while reading a line from Shaggy’s famous song repeats, “It wasn’t me” In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kunis shared that she and Kutcher took the opportunity to do the commercial for a very specific reason. Find out what it is here: the funny story behind Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher’s new Super Bowl ad

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey brought back characters Wayne and Garth from Saturday Night Live and the Wayne’s World movies for a commercial for Uber Eats.The teaser clip for an upcoming commercial shows Wayne and Garth joking about how bad a year 2020 was, and making fun of the fact that they are legally not allowed to say Super Bowl

There are tons of athletes featured in this Michelob Ultra commercial, including tennis star Serena Williams, NBA player Anthony Davis, retired NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, and soccer champion Alex Morgan instead of showing them how their sport is focused the commercial for your time outside the courts / field, for a beer and a meeting with friends

For more information on the tennis phenomenon, see Serena Williams She explains why she didn’t want her daughter to play tennis

The premise of this Amazon Alexa ad is that a woman who works at Amazon would admire the device and say, “I literally couldn’t imagine a nicer vessel that Alexa could be inside.” In fact, she could do the rest of the Commercials shows her imaginary actor Michael B Jordan as Amazon Alexa, who can tell her, for example, how many tablespoons there are in a cup and dim the lights in her house

For more information on Jordan’s new title as “People’s Sexiest Man Alive”, see John Legend, who passed on his “Sexiest Man Alive” title in the most hilarious way

John Travolta

World News – USA – John Travolta & daughter “smears” dances in a new Super Bowl ad

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