There you are, Sammy driving Sportface and John Madden riding shotgun in Madden Cruiser golf cart It’s the day after Thanksgiving and they cover the golf game between Sir Charles Barkley and Phil Mickelson against Steph Curry and Peyton Manning in Arizona

Near the first tee, a grill is burning a forty-pound turducken, a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey, as an added sensation, highly seasoned sausage meat fills every nook and cranny of the turduck’s chest cavity / p>

Madden takes the piece of meat from the grill and carves it open with his bare hand

“Look here, boom, so cut your hand through a duck. Go deeper in there, boom, and you get into your chest cavity and then, boom, take it and divide it into I mean, I mean , it’s amazing, a whole bunch of pieces and then, boom, start eating it with your bare hands A duck is like the Brett Favre of grilled meat It’s everything you would ever want, all wrapped up in one thing, who, boom, is able to do anything you could ever expect from a grilled piece of meat and couldn’t do I have to say that of all the things I would love to do in this world, the one at the top on my list, Brett Favre would watch him eat an entire turducken all by himself, and I think I think I mean I think he’s the only one who can because he’s Brett Favre ”

The four golfers strolled to the grill to accommodate a few turducks before the game of golf

“This turducken is turrible” said Sir Charles “What’s in it, wild bears, zebras and cheetahs? Too much meat mixed”

“You have to be as tough as the toughest guys, which means I mean Brett Favre to eat turducken,” Madden said. “Every Thanksgiving day, I have Brett in my house and we sit down and then, boom, eat Let’s Turducken together. My two favorite things in the world are two things, Turducken and Brett Favre ”

Brett Favre wears his Wrangler jeans, shows up, grabs a piece of turducken and shoves it into his cake hole

“I mean, I mean, can you believe it, boom, look who’s here,” says Madden. “I swear Brett Favre is anywhere, anytime, anywhere It’s like you say boom and then boom, Brett Favre shows up ”

All the men tore the turducks apart with their bare hands like wild tigers devouring a lion that they had just murdered

Chuck grabs his clubs and goes to the Chuck Tees, which are 200 yards closer to the hole than the other three guys from the Madden Golf Cart Cruiser, Madden picks up his yellow-tinted telestrator and prepares to put things on the Draw NGSCSports TV screen

“You see here,” Madden said, “Chuck swung and then, boom, he completely missed the ball, I mean he didn’t hit the ball at all, which means he whistled. Look, look , the ball is still on the tee, which means it hasn’t gone anywhere, which means it’s still on the tee I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean the ball is still there, right there on the tee he swung and then, boom, he missed the ball ”

With the telestrator he circled the spot on the TV screen where the ball was still resting on the tee box. “Look, that’s Chuck’s ball right there, I mean right there, I mean still on the tee. He swung and missed which means he was swinging and, boom, he didn’t hit the ball ”

“My hands are all greeezy from the touch of all those rotatable tur ducks,” Chuck said. “I missed the ball because my grip is too slippery. When I miss my tees, I feel unpredictable”

Back at Chuck Tee, the TNT NBA commentator struck again. He appeared like an infield fly to the third baseman on the left in a pond

“Boom, look at Chuck’s second shot, which is the shot after his first shot,” Madden said. “He hit it and then it popped up and then, splash, drink and then boom, right into the pond, which means his ball went straight into water that is just as wet as water is wet ”

“It rose a few feet in the air, far to the left, and plopped and then pooped right into the pond. What a thing, you see, what a remarkable thing that now, boom, Chuck’s ball is in the pond where all the turdukes swim around turdukes are everywhere. They’re like Brett Favre. Go somewhere and I mean bomb, there’s another turdukes ”

Madden then drew a line from the grill, from where the turducken was fried, to the pond, where Chuck’s ball was lost in the turducken pond

“You see, I mean, you start here at the grill with the turduckens. Then you go straight to the pond and she, Boom, Chuck’s tee goes into the turduck pond”

“Can you believe this Brett Favre?” Madden said “He can do anything and anything and anything he wants. When a man hits his golf ball in the pond, only Brett Favre knows how to get the ball with his bare hands. I mean, if this were a soccer game, Brett Favre would Turduckens for touchdowns and take them, boom, he would tap the turduckens ”

Favre takes off his Wrangler jeans and puts on his diving suit. Underwater he sees the turduckens floating around and then discovers the golf ball. He brings it out together with two turduckens

“Boom, he got the ball and two turduckens,” Madden said. “I mean, I mean, Brett Favre can do anything he wants anywhere, anytime. A golf ball goes into a pond and then, boom, Brett Favre goes in and get him that tells you something right there I mean he could have pulled out 22 turduckens if he wanted because he’s Brett Favre ”

After the round, on 18 Hole, Madden gives the Turducken Award to Brett Favre The award is a bronze trophy of a Turkucken full of sausage, which is stuffed in all innards of the animal

“I know he didn’t play the round of golf, but I don’t care, Brett Favre can play golf all by himself while he eats a full turducker and still looks good in his Wrangler jeans. He puts these pants on and then, boom, he looks great. He’s the guy, you know what I mean, he’s the guy who can do anything he wants and be anyone he wants to be and still be Brett Favre ”

John Madden

World news – USA – John Madden Touts Turducken as Barkley Whiffs from “Chuck Tees”