After a tough Sunday night against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Philadelphia 76ers returned home Tuesday night to take on the Toronto Raptors.Although Toronto were winless in two games that year, Sixers head coach Doc Rivers knew that he shouldn’t take them lightly, as he understands that you can change your difficult start at any time

The Sixers were similar to the same team that lost double digits to Cleveland in the first few quarters, but as we’ve learned this year, the Sixers shouldn’t be ruled out after a slow start as they turn games around just as quickly in the second half can as they fall behind early

Philly was beaten 28:17 in the first quarter for not being able to consistently release the shots at the offensive end of the floor.Although they shot much better in the second quarter, the Sixers offensive had a lot in the first half in the second half to do if they wanted to climb back and end the game in a victory

After the first half, the 76ers shot just 28 percent off the field – and 22 percent out of three. The Raptors were 56:48 ahead of the third quarter. When Philly felt a sense of urgency, the Sixers beat Toronto in the third quarter and left with a tie of 76 in the finals

For a moment it seemed like the 76ers should have taken on the rest of the game without their three-time all-star Joel Embiid when he walked off the field with a lower body injury, but the big man made it back on Gaining ground and helping the 76ers fight the rest of the game

As expected, the game remained tight in the closing stages.Luckily for Philly, they managed to gain an advantage over the Raptors thanks to the strong performances of Embiid and Tobias Harris Embiid, who has dominated again for the 76ers so far this season, continued to put the team on their backs on Tuesday evening

The 26-year-old center ended the night with a game high of 29 points in 37 minutes. Meanwhile, Harris was right behind him as he shot 11:20 off the field for a total of 26 points in 37 minutes

Although the 76ers still had a fair share of fighting on Tuesday, they managed to retreat with a 100-93 win and send the Raptors home with a 3-0 record, while Philly is advancing this year to date to 3: 1 before


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