WASHINGTON – The relationship between President-elect Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spans more than three decades.You must now fall back on those connections to build a divided democratic coalition amid a pandemic and economy to control who is recovering from a deep slump

The President-Elect and Speaker have both reached the highest levels in US Party politics by forming coalitions between various members of their party, including moderate and progressive ones, according to their allies and advisers, according to their allies and advisers.The couple’s common legislation has created what colleagues call mutual trust

Mr Biden and Ms. Pelosi, who both hope to take additional measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic first, must bring together party members who have argued over issues such as the expansion of state health insurance, spending on combating climate change, and criminal justice policy. p>
The couple must also work with Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of New York to attract enough Republicans to hit that chamber’s 60-vote threshold for most of the bills that control the Senate – the den Success or failure could determine much of the Democratic agenda – depends on the result of January 2nd from 5 stitch races in Georgia

The last time a Democratic president took office, the party had a comfortable majority in the House of Representatives and briefly had a super-majority in the Senate are required for a house majority Mr. Biden has won three House legislators to his administration, which will temporarily shrink the majority

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World News – USA – Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi to draw on their history to unite Fractious Democrats

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