Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M coach, is passionate about why the Aggies should play in the college football playoffs (0:43)

Jimbo Fisher, coach of Texas A&M, made a strong effort to include his team in this year’s College Football Playoffs after the Aggies’ 34-13 win in Tennessee on Saturday

The Aggies who entered the weekend ranked # 5 on the College Football Playoffs rankings deserve to be included for weathering the grind of an SEC-only schedule well, Fisher said >

“Seven direct SEC wins,” said Fisher after the game. “Some schools don’t even play seven games

“I don’t care what league you are in. If you pick the top four teams, we are one of them”

In the history of the CFP, no SEC team failed the playoffs with a loss. The only loss to the Aggies was No 1 Alabama

“We deserve to be there,” said Fisher. “You’re going to hear me say now, We deserve to be there. Well the committee, that’s their business, but I firmly believe that I have the games seen – I’ve seen everyone We can play with anyone “

The most likely scenario for the Aggies to make it to the playoffs would be if either No 3 Clemson or No 4 Ohio State lost, but Ohio State ended its regular 6-0 season with a Big Ten championship game win against Northwestern on Saturday Clemson and No. 2 Notre Dame started the ACC championship player later on Saturday

After his team passed nine SEC games, Fisher insisted that it should depend on how many games his team played – three more than in the state of Ohio

“That’s a big part of it,” said Fisher. “We’re out there a month longer – the bangs, the bruises, the practices – all that stuff matters. The political end of this thing, trying to get the people there getting out – they want their own schools to come up there – is ridiculous Put the best teams there “

Fisher coached a BCS national champion in Florida in 2013 and an FSU team that played the first college football playoff in 2014. When asked if this A&M team had championship caliber, Fisher said yes

“It has the character, it has the ability,” said Fisher. “Now I don’t know if we’re going to win one, but it has the qualities of winning one and should have the ability to win one”

In his side interview immediately after the win, Fisher told ESPN reporter Quint Kessenich that something is wrong with leaving out the aggies “

“We played the best league in the ball,” said Fisher 1 beaten 1 team in the country that had another superstar on the team when they played against us was called [Jaylen] Waddle People don’t even play with him now

“No team in SEC history has lost but one game and was [not] in The other leagues, I love them all But if we can’t play in this league and be in the playoffs, something is wrong”

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