After weeks of avoiding college football playoff commentary, No. 5 Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher commented on the leaderboard as soon as the Aggies’ regular season ended

“We’re playing in the best league in the ball,” Fisher told ESPN after the game. “If we can’t play in this league and play in the playoffs, something is wrong”

Coach Jimbo Fisher says that @AggieFootball should play in the college football playoffs: “If we can’t play in this league and play in the playoffs, something is wrong”ImageTwittercom / kTe0N9J5Uz

A&M ended its 2020 10-game season with just a COVID-19 conference and a 34-13 win over Tennessee on December 19 with an 8-1 overall record at the end of the regular season, the Aggies are waiting for the decision of the CFP Selection Committee 1 Alabama, No. 2 Notre Dame, No. 3 Clemson, and No. 4 Ohio State

“I didn’t get involved, I didn’t say a word. But you’re 8-1 in the SEC,” said Fisher 1 lost 1 team in the country I want someone else to go 8-1 in this league We can play with anyone, we deserve it We deserve to be there It’s up to the committee, that’s your business, but I think the festival I’ve seen the games, I’ve seen everyone We can play with anyone ”

The Aggies’ only loss this season came in Week 2 to Alabama with a 52-24 loss on the road.But senior linebacker Buddy Johnson said the team that lost that game is very different from the one that he sees today

“The locker room after we lost to Alabama was very shabby but the leaders kept going,” said Johnson. “For me it’s just about keeping the guys together no matter what they give us. This team deserves that World You have put so much work into looking where we are right now ”

Johnson said the team’s success this season was due to the growth in leadership that comes from Fisher’s high expectations in his third year at the helm of the program

“Coach Fisher came to change the program and I think he did a great job,” said Johnson. “He said [the leaders] early in the season that he wanted us to lead the team and he just wanted to lead the team I think our leaders did a great job. We are very blessed to have Coach Fisher ”

For Fisher, who led the Florida State Seminoles to a national title in 2014, this year was all about instilling a championship stance on his team. Despite the early bumps against Alabama, Fisher said he was proud of the success it had the team had since that defeat

“After answering from Alabama, we played some great games,” said Fisher. “Not just the game in Florida and how we reacted to it, but the consistency with which we played afterwards. We have quite a few there Made runs, we played really good football ”

Fisher said mid-season that he was starting to see how much potential his team had

“Right there in the middle, I felt like we had a chance to be a really good football team,” said Fisher. “My question was, can we stay hungry and finish? And so it is with all these teams that haven’t made it yet and haven’t been there You have to learn how to get through all the way ”

With the Alabama loss and the two postponed games and a cancellation A&M fought this season, Fisher said he saw the characteristics that separate a good soccer team from a great soccer team on his squad

“It has the character, it has the ability, but more importantly, it has the dynamics, it has the personality, it has the inner will to do that,” said Fisher, “when you have championships these groups something different That is not talent. When you reach this level, talent takes you there, [but] your character and your heart and your desires and your inner workings and who you are as a person will take you over the mountain. This team has these qualities I don’t know if we’re going to win [a championship], but it has the qualities of winning one and should have the ability to win one ”

Fisher said when the CFP selection committee makes its final decisions, should you notice anything about A&M

“Seven direct SEC wins,” Fisher said. “Some schools don’t even play seven games [we] have seven consecutive SEC wins and eight total wins. I don’t care what league you’re in, it is I don’t care what everyone else says. If you want to pick the top four teams, we are one of them ”

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