No 5 Texas A&M (8-1) was removed from the College Football Playoffs in favor of No. 1 excluded 4 Notre Dame (10-1) and head coach Jimbo Fisher believe it’s time to change the CFP format

“I think the playoffs need to be expanded,” he told reporters on Sunday. “It’s hard to judge the strength of the schedule – you’ll only find out if you expand the playoffs I’m a traditionalist and I never thought I’d say that. But in this day and age we need [playoff expansion] “

“Texas A& M has no quality gains ”

All of those SEC teams that are “MEDIUM” in the eyes of the media would lead the table in some of these other leagues. Few teams from the SEC can really play in the SEC

Fisher is probably not the only one looking for an extended playoff. Cincinnati finished as No. Ranked 1 8 among two Oklahoma losses and three Florida losses. In an eight-team format, the Bearcats would be a playoff team. Quite a few people argued that Cincinnati deserved a berth in a four-team format:

If Cincinnati wasn’t even considered this year of all times, this isn’t a college football playoff, but an invitation to specific teams from specific conferences https: // tco / VmJbbxXkSA

Luke Fickell’s Cincinnati Bearcats took 7th place in the GFP and 7th place in the CFP Won their conference Undefeated Just curious to see how this happens #CFBPlayoff

Cincinnati is the best G5 team of the CFP era No 1 defense in the country No 11 offense

And 5 days before the selection, they fell on No. 9 https: // tco / cNpFxNIizy

The Final Disregard of Cincinnati Has Been Logged And The Final Inflation Of The Big 12 Oklahoma At No 6 Is Absurd

Imagine if we didn’t have to argue about whether Notre Dame deserves a playoff spot more than Texas A&M because they rank each other as No. 1 play 4 and 5 seeds Imagine we didn’t have to discuss Cincinnati’s strength of the schedule because an eight-team format would automatically deploy them this year and qualify the best non-power five school in the leaderboard for the Making CFP more palatable

And most importantly, imagine how much more fun it would be to have eight teams in the mix instead of four, we could spend less time talking about college football and the selection board politics, and more Time to talk about the actual games

In a challenging year for college football, the shortcomings of the current system were compounded by the complications of the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw teams cancel games and play shortened schedules, and a change in CFP format has never been more necessary

Jimbo Fisher

World News – USA – Jimbo Fisher calls for an extension of the college football playoffs after the fall of Texas A&M