WASHINGTON – GOP Rep Jim Jordan slammed Democrats’ “double standards” on Wednesday morning as Parliament cracks down on President Trump a second time – citing their own efforts to undermine the 2016 election >

In a fiery speech on the floor of the house, Jordan (R-Ohio), an ardent Trump confidante noted that many of the Democrats leading the indictment were protesting Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton

“Guess who the first refuser on 6 January 2017 was? The first objector was the Democratic chairman of the rules committee, ”Jordan said, referring to Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass)

“You can object to Alabama in 2017, but tell us that we cannot object to Pennsylvania in 2021,” Jordan continued,

The president is accused of instigating a riot when thousands of his supporters stormed Congress last Wednesday to suspend a vote confirming President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over the electoral college and killing five / p>

Several Republican lawmakers opposed Biden’s victory in key swing states and called for the establishment of a commission to investigate electoral fraud, which Jordan is still pushing

“They’re telling us we’re trying to overthrow the election? Guess who the second holdout was in 2017? The person running the impeachment for the Democrats,” Jordan said, referring to Maryland Rep Jamie Raskin

“Democrats objected to more states in 2016 than Republicans last week, but are we somehow wrong?” He went on to note that the Democrats had spent four years investigating Trump but refused to watch an election that millions of people had doubts

McGovern immediately pushed Jordan back, claiming that their 2016 protest vote was meant to “raise concerns about what all of our intelligence services have clearly stated that Russia interfered in our election”

“What the gentleman doesn’t acknowledge is that we all acknowledged that Donald Trump was president the day after the election,” McGovern said

“Hillary Clinton conceded the day after the election and none of us pushed conspiracy theories like some of my friends across the aisle and got the president who the president somehow won in a landslide give me a break”, he continued

McGovern and Jordan rallied during a heated House Rules Committee hearing on Tuesday prior to a vote on a resolution to remove Trump with Jan. Amendment disputed

Jordan, who was awarded the Medal of Freedom by Trump on Monday, repeatedly refused to acknowledge that Biden had won the “fair and square” election and warned that the Democrats would initiate more dangerous partisan trials

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Jim Jordan

World news – USA – Jim Jordan slams Dems’ “double standards” in the Trump impeachment vote

Source: https://nypost.com/2021/01/13/jim-jordan-slams-dems-double-standards-at-impeachment-vote/