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You didn’t really expect Jim Carrey to spend four more years doing hair and makeup and all the malarkey that came with copying Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live, did you?

During Alec Baldwin’s last appearance at SNL in November as President Donald J. Trump came with a silent farewell, Baldwin held a “You’re Welcome” sign during the good nights in late November 7, 2020, episode, Carrey announced his departure in a more Trumpian way? Via Twitter

Although my term was only supposed to be 6 weeks, I was thrilled to be elected as your SNL President comedy’s ultimate duty I’d love to go ahead and know that Biden was the winner for nailing this shit. But I’m just one in a long line of proud fighting SNL Bidens!

So that’s all folks? Carrey only got involved for the first six weeks of the SNL season 46? Is he really “just one in a long line of proud SNL Bidens fighting!”?

Carrey received a thumbs up from SNL veteran and current announcer Darrell Hammond, who portrayed Bill Clinton, Al Gore and George W. Bush and Trump on the show over the years. Hammond wrote on Twitter, “You did a killer job ! ” Meanwhile, SNL’s Twitter account offered, “Thanks to Jim Carrey for showing up when it mattered”

Whether or not you thought Carrey’s imitation of Biden caught the 78-year-old former Vice President and U accurately, or humorously, or not Senator from Delaware (I thought Carrey dumped all of his comedic tools at his target so he usually got some big laughs, even if it seemed a bit too much at times) he certainly drew a lot of attention to SNL, which for the SNL guru Lorne Michaels seems to be just as important as anything else in his dwindling years

Last time the show faced so much uncertainty about who would parody the US President came back in 2002 when Will Ferrell left a big George W bush-sized hole to fill

Michaels never found a suitable replacement in the cast and drove for the next six years through Chris Parnell, Hammond, Will Forte and finally Jason Sudeikis

After Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election, Michaels held a special round of auditions that included Jordan Peele and Donald Glover, among others, before turning to the decidedly not even half-black Fred Armisen for the first term except the sketches by Guest Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” Obama couldn’t find a way for SNL to poke fun at Obama early on. In the meantime, Peele and Keegan-Michael Key found favor with President Obama with their recurring tributes to Comedy Central’s key Hire Jay Pharaoh, but wait until September 2012 before handing over Obama performance to him

On the final SNL of 2020, Dec 19, cast member Alex Moffat appeared in the cold as Biden, and when Beck Bennett’s Vice President Mike Pence wondered why Biden looked so different, Moffat cracked, “I’m like Colonel Sanders Every time you see me I look like one different type “Then he adds,” There’s a good chance I’ll be Mario Lopez around this time next year “

With Michaels still ruling the quarters, chances are he continues to look for a high profile celebrity outside of the cat, like he did when he overlooked Hammond so Baldwin can play Trump See Maya Rudolph as US. Senator and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris; or Larry David as US. Sen Bernie Sanders; or any other number of celebrity cameos during the Trump administration who took on roles that could have been, maybe he should have joined his now 20-strong cast, Ted Danson, featured in ads for his new NBC sitcom, Mr. Mayor, I quickly think of the ads that run during the SNL

Of course Michaels could hire someone new but for some reason still not that many comedians try a Biden, maybe the best of them comes from James Adomian who auditioned for SNL about 15 years ago (!) Of course, Adomian toured the last two election cycles with Anthony Atamaniuk and ridiculed each other as Bernie Sanders and Trump But Michaels preferred Baldwin to Atamaniuk four years ago, and Adomian made no secret of how it all played out on screen

Atamaniuk played Trump on Comedy Central’s The President Show for two seasons from 2017 to 2018, producing forward-looking sketches like this notion of Trump’s final days that has gone viral again now as that day is fast approaching

If Michaels lost faith in Moffat, however, he could easily revert to a previous cast or celebrity to play Biden.Probably not Kevin Nealon, who lived in Biden on the show in 1991, nor John Mulaney, who did it as a lark starred when he was a guest But Maybe Sudeikis, who gave Biden silly delight during his VP years.Although Sudeikis is now making a leisurely appearance as the star of the recently beloved Apple TV series Ted Lasso, he may not be as available, in any case, did Woody Harrelson, who got Biden off to such a good start as hosting SNL in 2019, invited him for a second cameo

There’s also a Joker in the building two floors from Studio 8H at 30 Rock, on Jimmy Fallon Fallon’s Tonight Show got into tough times in terms of ratings in the Trump years, and Fallon happened to have a Biden Impression he’s kicked a couple of times from Michaels, who also executive produces The Tonight Show, could give Fallon a boost, and everyone knows how eager Fallon is to rejoin his SNL crew

But Moffat’s appearance this Saturday evening shows us the possibilities and we like what we see

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