Former Kentucky security guard Tyrese Maxey usually comes off the bank for the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday, however, the circumstances were very different

When the Philadelphia 76ers learned of a positive COVID-19 test during their matchup against the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday, the entire team must be quarantined ahead of the matchup against the Denver Nuggets in New York on Saturday

The Sixers returned to Philly on Friday night to play on Saturday Unfortunately they didn’t have a good part of their roster Tobias Harris, Matisse Thybulle, Shake Milton, Vincent Poirier, Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Terrance Ferguson, Furkan Korkmaz, Mike Scott and Seth Curry were all out for Saturday’s game

With these guys, the 76ers trotted off an unusual line-up of Maxey, Isaiah Joe, Dakota Mathias, Danny Green and Dwight Howard, while Howard and Green, two well-known veterans who were supposed to take the lead, let Sixers rookie Tyrese Maxey in the first Round a flash of star power that caught the attention of last year’s rookie of the year, Ja Morant

Last season, Morant entered the NBA as the second overall winner, just behind Duke Willamson. While the attention of many NBA fans remained on Williamson’s eventual debut, Morant quickly made off with the Memphis Grizzlies and became a rising star among the pros

Morant adjusted for the Sixers vs Nuggets matchup on Saturday afternoon and liked what he saw of Maxey at the start of the game, the 21st scored Overall win 2020 a 16-point career high against Brooklyn

He beat that high in the first half of Saturday’s game when he threw off 11 of his 19 shots from the field and scored a total of 22 points in 21 minutes.Although Philly battled the Nuggets in the second half, Maxey remained a ray of hope for the Sixers, since he had over 30 points in the fourth quarter

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