PALM BEACH (CBSMiami / CNN) – Mar-a-Lago members are leaving the club after Donald Trump returns because they don’t want to have a longer connection with the former president, says the author of the final Book about the resort

“It’s a very disheartened place,” said Laurence Leamer, historian and author of “Mar-a-Lago: At the Gates of Power in Donald Trump’s Presidential Palace,” on Saturday opposite MSNBC host Alex Witt on the “weekend.” with Alex Witt “He said members were” not concerned about politics and they said the food was not good “

Leamer said he spoke to a number of former members who “walked silently out of the house” after Trump stepped down

Trump moved to Palm Beach, Fla. after retiring his term last week, but without the seal of approval from the seated President of the United States who works on the property, guests find Mar-a-Lago lost a step There is no entertainment on the property during the pandemic, and Leamer added, “It’s a sad place it’s not what it was ”

Disgruntled members could result in a lower paycheck for Trump When Trump was President, many people paid up to 200$ 000 for Mar-a-Lago memberships, Leamer pointed out, and he said they don’t believe they will continue to pay that price

Mar-a-Lago has long been derided by critics as a clumsy, stuffy club full of Trump memorabilia – some of which are fake.Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel reported on a visit to the resort on Friday just before Trump became president

“It’s impossible to exaggerate how weird it is,” said Kimmel on The Ringer’s The Bill Simmons Podcast, “Everyone there is 100 years old””

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Kimmel told Simmons he went to the resort about six years ago to have dinner with Howard Stern, who was living near the property at the time, describing the Mar-a-Lago attendees as “hunched over.” People who eat soft food “and he said the place was covered in Trump photos

“It was just quiet and a terrible place,” said Kimmel. “And now he lives in this terrible place”

Trump’s hotels and hotel companies were particularly hard hit during the coronavirus pandemic, but revenue at the Mar-a-Lago Resort rose from $ 214 million to $ 242 million last year in 2019, when the former president moved permanent residence from Trump Tower in New York to the Florida resort, however, the question remains whether he will be allowed to live there permanently, as this may violate his 1993 agreement with the City of Palm Beach

“Again, people don’t like him,” Leamer said, referring to Palm Beach residents, many of whom had voted for Trump in hopes of lower taxes and a booming stock market. “It’s just another measure of that how its power has waned ”

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