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Juventus is about to make it into the final of the Coppa Italia after a 2-1 victory at Inter Milan in the semifinals on Tuesday Cristiano Ronaldo scored both goals for the guests who had overcome Lautaro Martinez’s early goal to get behind to put the return leg of the next week in an excellent position

But how did each player fare in this game? Here are our player ratings for the game for each starter, substitute, and manager

All ratings are of 10 and the higher the number the better. A zero would be a red card in the first minute. A 10 would be like a dominant hat trick

The winning goal was partly his fault due to a lack of communication with Milan Skriniar Had a couple of decent stops but that proved costly

Most culprits for the second goal, assuming Handanovic would get to the ball and then make the decision to make a touch, he should have cleared it up just stupid, bad game

Overall solid but not that busy. Put himself in the right places and was strong in the air

Well marked and even got a bit forward. Solid passing game and no serious mistakes

A liability with a lack of self-control Might have seen red, which seems like most of its matches. Also, the attack didn’t take much into account

One of the bright spots of his support for Lautaro was fantastic and he looked really lively without him they would have been in big trouble

Barely noticeable Never involved in an attack Had a couple of good challenges in the middle but was never a factor

Costly penalty with a sloppy challenge against Juan Cuadrado ruined everything else he did in this game which wasn’t much

Wasted Inter’s best chance in the second half when stoned by Gianluigi Buffon from six meters away. He won’t want to see this replay

Started well looking fresh and ready, stepping in for Romelu Lukaku helped score the first goal but faded over the course of the game and missed a big opportunity in the second half

His goal in the first half was anything he would do for the whole game. Calmly after the ninth minute

Got a decent look from the bench to bring her in a moment and narrowly missed the gate. His crossing was out

Had his team in a good place, but a little more serenity in the middle was required. Hard road ahead

Actually, he should have done better on the first goal, but he made up for it with the stop against Darmian. The defense also helped him a lot

Luckily he hadn’t seen a red, but overall he was strong and not shy to challenge himself Really stayed on Alexis Sanchez and marked Lautaro well at the gate

Had a big save after Buffon was beaten to refuse to equalize Sanchez that was a big moment

Received the penalty for the first goal with a good run Passing it was a bit sloppy at times, but it made his impression

Not at his best he played a few balls that were decent, but there were some questionable crosses lifted in the second half

A calm presence on the ball Checked to the ball well, was careful not to let Inter go on the counter and just played a simple, smart game

Sloppy, poor, if you go forward and take off in the second half. Not your best night

Was a quality outing for the American. He made good crossings in the box, kept things simple and looked defensive

The star Two goals, both well met, but he left the field unhappy as a submarine in the second half. Ronaldo brought Juve to the final almost alone

Ronaldo stole the show and didn’t give him a great chance to star in the second half lifted off

Substituted for Ronaldo but never got a good look at goal as Inter pushed forward

I didn’t wait long to see the changes he wanted and he gets credit for not waiting and trying to consolidate midfield when Inter took control

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Inter Milan v Juventus

World News – USA – Inter Milan v Juventus player ratings: Ronaldo steals the show in the first leg of Coppa Italia