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Updated on: 13 February 2021 / 5:23 pm

The Senate voted to exclude former President Trump from inciting the uprising on Jan. His second impeachment trial was acquitted in the Capitol on January 7th Seven Republicans, along with all Democrats, voted “guilty” with 57 votes – but the Democrats failed to get the two-thirds majority required for conviction
The Republicans who joined the Democrats were: Richard Burr from North Carolina, Bill Cassidy from Louisiana, Susan Collins from Maine, Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, Mitt Romney from Utah, Ben Sasse from Nebraska, and Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania / p>

Although he voted for the acquittal, Senate Minority Chairman Mitch McConnell issued a blistering statement calling Mr. Trump “practically and morally responsible” for the insurrection, but deemed it unconstitutional to be a former incumbent Condemned “The people who stormed this building believed they were responding to the wishes and orders of their president,” said McConnell

Mr Trump made a statement Saturday afternoon thanking his legal team, as well as the Senate Republicans who found him not guilty, and members of the GOP House who voted against the impeachment article last month did not recognize the uprising in its declaration

“This was another phase of the greatest witch hunt in our country’s history,” said Mr. Said Trump, “No president has ever gone through anything like this, and it continues because our opponents cannot forget the nearly 75 million people, the highest number ever had a sitting president who voted for us a few months ago” p>

Though the outcome seemed inevitable for a long time, the process was briefly thrown into chaos on Saturday morning when the Senate voted on his call to Mr Kevin McCarthy after a nightly statement by a Congressman about a conversation with House Minority Chairman Kevin McCarthy Trump during the uprising According to Congressman Jaime Herrera Beutler, McCarthy told her: “The president first repeated the lie that it was Antifa who violated the Capitol”

The House impeachment executives turned to the press after Mr. Trump was acquitted, arguing that the process was successful because he was non-partisan, also noting that Senate Minority Chairman Mitch McConnell said in a speech that Mr Trump was in for the events of Jan. January “responsible”, stating that he could continue to face criminal or civil charges

“This was the most bipartisan impeachment event of the president in the history of the country,” said Jamie Raskin, chief impeachment manager, adding that McConnell “agreed with our case on the facts”

Raskin also defended the deal through impeachment executives and Mr. Trump’s advice not to call witnesses after the Senate voted to call witnesses this morning

“No number of witnesses would convince them” to condemn Mr. Trump, Raskin said of most Republicans

“We couldn’t be more proud of your patriotic presentations, the clarity with which you have presented, and the inspiration you have given so many people,” said Pelosi. She also slapped McConnell for being “not guilty.” “had voted, but then upset the President, saying that he” created the situation “by refusing to call an emergency Senate meeting while Mr. Trump was still in office

Pelosi also said she would not accept a decision of no confidence, arguing that it was a “slap in the face of the Constitution” and “unchecked everyone” “

In a speech, the first half of which echoed the arguments of the House impeachment executives, Senate Minority Chairman Mitch McConnell spoke to Mr. Trump saying he was “practically and morally responsible” for the April 6 attack on the Capitol However, January McConnell argued that he found it unconstitutional to convict a president who was no longer in office

“President Trump is practically and morally responsible for the moments provoked that day,” said McConnell, blaming Mr. Trump for the “mob attacking the Capitol on his behalf.” These criminals carried his banners”Hang his flags And shout their loyalty to him”

He said the attack on the Capitol was “a predictable result of the growing crescendo of false statements, conspiracy theories, and ruthless exaggerations that the defeated president kept shouting into the largest megaphone on earth”

But McConnell argued that the former president “has no constitutional conviction” – even though the Senate voted between 56 and 44 earlier this week that it was constitutionally possible to convict a former civil servant

“I think the Senate was right not to seize the power that the Constitution doesn’t give us,” McConnell


McConnell also prevented the Senate from carrying out impeachment proceedings from Mr. Trump left office refusing to agree to an emergency Senate meeting to conduct the process, arguing that there was insufficient time for President Biden to take office fairly for Mr. Biden to go seven days after the House voted against Mr. Dedicated to Trump

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer resigned after voting to acquit Mr. Trump, contrasted the 45th President with the first person in office, George Washington, and urged the American people to do justice, which the Senate failed to do

“This trial was about the last acts of a president who is exactly the opposite of our first president and is trying to put a man before the whole country,” he said. “Let the tape show, let the tape show To show before God history and the solemn oath we swear to the Constitution that there was only one correct judgment in this process: guilty “

Schumer said he prayed that in the trial of Mr. Trump, “it will be carried on by the American people who determine the fate of our great nation over each of us in this chamber”

Most Republicans who have voted for the condemnation of Mr. Trump cannot be re-elected until at least 2024 or will not run for re-election

Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is the only Republican who has stood up for the conviction of Mr. Trump, who is also up for re-election in 2022

Senator Richard Burr will not stand for re-election Senator Bill Cassidy will not stand for re-election until 2026 Susan Collins stands for re-election in 2026 Mitt Romney will not stand for re-election until 2024 Ben Sasse will not stand for re-election until 2026 Senator Pat Toomey is not standing for re-election

According to Mr. Trump was acquitted for impeachment He made a statement thanking his legal team, as well as the Senate Republicans who found him not guilty and members of the GOP House who voted against the impeachment article last month

“It is a sad comment of our day that a political party in America is given a vacant passport to denigrate the rule of law, defame law enforcement, cheer mobs, apologize for rioters and turn justice into a tool of political vengeance and to pursue, blacklist, cancel, and repress any people and viewpoints they disagree with, “he said

The former president claimed the impeachment process launched by the Democrats was “yet another phase in the greatest witch hunt in our country’s history” “

Mr Trump also teased future plans, saying, “Soon we will emerge with a vision for a bright, radiant, and limitless American future”

“Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to make America great again has only just begun,” he said. “I have a lot to share with you in the months ahead and look forward to continuing our incredible journey together.” American greatness for all of our people to achieve “

A Senate vote found the former president guilty would have paved the way for the Chamber to disqualify Mr. Trump from office again The option for Mr. Trump, who is aiming for the presidency in 2024, now stands, although the former president has not yet said whether he will run again

Senator Richard Burr voted in favor of convicting Mr Trump of the impeachment rule, a surprise vote by North Carolina Republican Burr, who will retire in 2022, said in a statement that “the facts are clear” the former president started the uprising on Jan. January instigated

“I am not taking this decision lightly, but I believe that it is necessary, by what he did and what he did not do, that President Trump violated his oath of office to uphold, protect, and protect the United States Constitution defend, “said Burr.” I hope that with today’s vote America can start moving forward and focus on the critical issues our country is facing today “

Senators Bill Cassidy, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse and Patrick Toomey also voted for the conviction

Exactly one month after the House decided to approve Mr. Trump for inciting the insurrection, the Senate voted 57-43 to acquit the former president on the sole impeachment charge

Seven Republicans – Senators Richard Burr from North Carolina, Bill Cassidy from Louisiana, Susan Collins from Maine, Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, Mitt Romney from Utah, Ben Sasse from Nebraska, and Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania – share the former with Democrats found president guilty Sixty-seven votes were required to condemn Mr. Trump

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called for a vote against Jan.33 o’clock after Raskin gave his counterargument

“The Senate is now ready to vote on the impeachment article,” he said, after which the clerk read the full article approved by the House of Representatives last month

“Two-thirds of the senators present have not been found guilty The Senate ruled that the interviewee, Donald John Trump, former President of the United States, is not guilty as charged in impeachment, “explained Leahy

Although the vote of seven Republican Senators did not meet the requirements necessary for conviction, the vote was a bipartisan show against Mr. Trump In Mr. Trump’s first impeachment, only Romney voted to convict him on one of the two House-approved articles

It took Raskin a few minutes to respond to van der Veen’s final arguments, saying he would show reluctance and “resist the opportunity to refute every single wrong and illogical thing you have just heard””

Raskin noted that Castor said yesterday the attack on the Capitol was not a “riot” but van der Veen said today that “everyone agrees” that there was a riot. He also opposed the argument that there was Impeachment was “constitutional impeachment culture”, and pointed out that Mr. Trump would have no criminal consequences

“When was his speech ever suppressed? He says exactly what he wants, whenever he wants. Even if you convict him of incitement to riot, he’ll keep saying what he wants,” Raskin said, adding that Impeachment is a “simple means to protect us all”

Raskin said that Mr. Trump had tried to overthrow the election, which he lost by 7 million votes

“The first amendment is on our side. He tried to reverse the will of the people, the voice of the people,” said Raskin. “He has to pay the price”

At the beginning of his closing statement, Trump attorney Michael van der Veen said that the former president’s team is failing to determine the accuracy of Jaime Herrea Beutler’s statement

Van der Veen then attacked the impeachment executives of the House, falsely claiming they never mentioned the Constitution and distorted evidence

Van der Veen insisted that no one Mr. Trump’s speech on Jan. January as anything but peaceful.He also suggested that some of the people who attacked the Capitol were already in the Capitol when Mr. Trump spoke

He claimed the protesters “hijacked” the event for their own purposes, even though those who stormed the Capitol identified themselves as Trump supporters

“You don’t have to indulge in impeachment, dishonesty and hypocrisy,” said van der Veen

The impeachment chief of the house, Jamie Raskin, concluded on a personal anecdote, recalling a conversation he had with his daughter Hannah, who sympathized with the children of the rioters who attacked the Capitol and may not have returned to their families Raskin said that his daughter had cut through the politics and the legality of the situation and “saw” the situation “down to the humanity, the moral of the situation”

“We must acknowledge and commit these crimes against our nation and then take care of our people and our children, their hearts and their minds,” he said

Pleading with the Senators to vote based on the truth, Raskin asked if members would do more to defend the police officers they defended on Jan. January protected and endured violence and racial slur when giving them medals

“Is this America? Do we want to leave this to our children and grandchildren?” he said

Raskin said that regardless of whether senators came to Washington to work in defense or agriculture, for example, their impeachment vote is the way they will be remembered

“This may not be fair, it really isn’t fair, but none of us can escape the demands of history and fate right now,” he said

Raskin closed the Democrats’ final arguments with the quote from Thomas Paine, after whom his late son Thomas Raskin was named

“The times have found us. Is this America, what kind of America will we be? It’s literally in your hands now. Have a good trip to the United States Senate,” he said

Impeachment chief Joe Neguse said he will not repeat the evidence, but has worked to disprove some of Mr. Trump’s main arguments

“The evidence we’ve all put on, as manager Dean just summed up, is pretty devastating. And so instead of addressing it, the President has offered diversions excuses other than actually trying to defend himself against the facts “said Neguse

One day every president will be a private citizen again, said Neguse. Impeachment would be meaningless if the criminal justice system could always deal with an erroneous former president

“It would be unwise to suggest that the only appropriate response to future constitutional crimes committed by a president would be criminal charges,” said Neguse

Neguse said they failed to submit the criminal laws because it was not a criminal case, but a constitutional one. The relevant question, Neguse said, is whether the drafters would have considered the president inciting a violent mob to attack the government and stop confirming the vote

The president’s lawyers, Neguse said, also claim Mr. Trump was not treated properly but he was given lawyers the opportunity to testify, the opportunity to offer an apology

“You can’t pretend that there isn’t a proper process if you don’t participate in the process,” said Neguse

All of the presidential team’s arguments have one thing in common: They have nothing to do with whether Mr Trump instigated the attack, Neguse said

Other nations are looking to America because the US. was a “guiding star,” said Neguse, because American senators have risen on the occasion in the past

“This ground is sacred. This is one of the reasons why, like so many of you, I was offended when I saw it being desecrated by this mob,” said Neguse

For some, there will be no recovery from the pain of Jan. January, Neguse said families who continue to mourn who they have lost and officials suffering from mental trauma will continue to deal with the aftermath

“Senators, this cannot be the beginning, cannot be the new normal,” he said. “The result is in your hands”

Pennsylvania Congresswoman Madeleine Dean presented the managers’ case as Mr. Trump instigated the violence in the Capitol with remarks made in the months, days, and hours before the uprising

She then played a montage of clips in which the president spoke at rallies and on television, arguing that his rhetoric led to the attack

The managers’ arguments were interrupted twice when objections were raised to content included in Dean and Cicilline’s presentations to her, Leahy, who leads the case, said new evidence is not admissible during the final arguments / p>

“Donald Trump acted as our commander in chief. He was our president. He used his office and his mandated authority to unleash an attack. And when Congress and the constitution were attacked, he gave up his duties, broke his oath, and failed to preserve, protect and defend, “said Dean

Based on her own experience on 6 On January 1st, Dean admitted that she was aware of the extent of Mr. Trump’s involvement and how close the rioters got to the legislature

“We know what Donald Trump did, we know what he didn’t,” she said, “Although it is difficult to bear testimony and face the reality of what is going on in these halls, what happens when we do not face these facts? What if there is no accountability? ”

“We are in dialogue with the story,” concluded Dean, “I beg you not to look away”

Before proceeding to his final arguments, Raskin underlined the importance of Congressman Jaime Herrera Beutler’s testimony, arguing that the former president’s conduct during the ongoing violence in the Capitol was relevant to the charges he instigated a riot

“After knowing that there was violence going on in the Capitol, President Trump took steps that further incited the insurgents to ignite and take even more extreme, selective and targeted action against Vice President Mike Pence,” Raskin said / p>

This behavior is “obviously an integral part” of the constitutional offense Trump was charged by the House with incitement to rebellion

Raskin took the defense claim, Mr. Trump’s actions before and after the uprising are irrelevant

“Of course, your conduct during a crime is relevant to your negligence, both to the continuation of the crime and directly relevant It illuminates directly what your original purpose was, what your intention was, “he said

Turning to his final arguments, Raskin then offered a spirited defense from Wyoming Congressman Liz Cheney, who was one of ten GOP lawmakers who voted in favor of Mr. Trump and whose post at number 3 became Republican Threatened for her support for impeachment

“Who says you can’t stand up to bullies?” he said after quoting Cheney’s statement on her impeachment vote in which she said “a lot more will become clear in the days and weeks to come, but what we know now is enough”

Raskin put Mr. Trump’s efforts to reverse the presidential election result, from the pressure he put on state election officials like Georgian Foreign Secretary Brad Raffensperger to his tweets encouraging his supporters to come back on Aug. To assemble in Washington in defense of January

“Do you think, imagine, is there any other president in our history who would urge supporters to come to Washington for a wild time?” Said Raskin

Raskin spoke to senators who may be “flirting” with the idea that the former president’s behavior prior to the attack was appropriate and asked the “key question” to dispel those doubts

“How did Donald Trump react when he heard of the violent storming of the Capitol and the threats against Senators, Members of the House and his own Vice President, as well as the pictures he saw on television, the beatings and beatings and found out about it? ” Harassing our police officers? “he said

Raskin said Mr. Trump’s actions on Jan. January make it clear that he supported the actions of the rioters

“In his failures and commission actions that day, he abused his office by advocating the insurgents at almost every point, not the United States Congress but the Constitution,” he said

Raskin pleaded with the Senate, Mr. Trump guilty of incitement to rebellion, citing mob violence, lives lost and injuries sustained

“He continued to goad them without defending us,” he said. “If that’s not reason to believe, if this is not a high crime and misdemeanor against the Republic of the United States, then nothing President Trump has to do be condemned for the security of our democracy and our people “

Rhode Island Congressman David Cicilline, who succeeded Raskin, then dismissed Mr. Trump’s attorneys, unaware of the evidence presented by managers at the beginning of the trial, pointed out that the Senate ruling gave them access to the material. He also noted that the legal team confirmed the accuracy of Mr. Trump’s tweets that were publicly available

Cicilline said he would “insist” on telling his story if charged with incitement to riot. While Democrats asked Mr. Trump to volunteer before the trial began, the former president’s lawyers were quick to deny her request

Cicilline set the schedule for what Mr. Trump knew and when he did, he dismissed defense claims that Mr Trump did not know Pence was in danger, stating that the former president had “done nothing” to help his vice president

“His unique focus: stopping the confirmation of his opponent’s election,” said Cicilline. “He instigated the violence to stop the certification, he attacked the vice president, and he continued to instigate the insurrection to put the vice president under pressure To put that stop to certification, he called Senator Tuberville to stop certification and he refused to send help to Congress and that Congress and the Vice President of the United States were in mortal danger for stopping certification wanted “

“President Trump deliberately betrayed us,” said Cicilline, adding that everyone at the Capitol “was on their own against an attack he started and he could stop on his own””

After two hours of chaos when the Senate unexpectedly voted to call impeachment witnesses, Trump attorney Bruce Castor announced that impeachment managers had agreed to a deal to put a statement on the record rather than depose witnesses to Congressman Jaime Herrera Beutler said in a statement on Friday that the chairman of the house minority, Kevin McCarthy, had an interview with Dr Trump on March 6 January with her, where Mr. Trump said the rioters who stormed the Capitol are “more angry than you are about the election”

Castor said if Herrera Beutler testified under oath, her testimony would match the statement she made on Friday. The impeachment chief Jamie Raskin read Herrera Beutler’s statement and asked for it to be included in the record >

“Senators, Donald John Trump of his attorney is willing to determine that if Herrera Beutler testified under oath under these proceedings, her testimony would be consistent with the statement she made Jan. February 2021, and the testimony of the former president’s attorney agrees that this public statement will be admitted as evidence at this point, “Castor said

When entering the statement in the minutes, no witnesses are called and there are no additional motions to be considered. The procedure now moves on to final arguments, for which each side has up to two hours

Although all Democrats and four Republicans voted to hear from witnesses, doing so would have delayed the trial for an unspecified amount of time and pushed legislative issues such as coronavirus relief into the background. Republicans would also have forced votes for several witnesses to the who did not want to call Democrats, such as spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, although a majority of the votes are required to summon witnesses, which means these efforts would fail, it would have taken a considerable amount of time to consider and vote on these subpoenas

The Senate reassembled at 12:49 p.m. after pausing to continue discussing how to proceed after members voted to include witnesses in the trial

The Senate voted to call witnesses on Saturday’s impeachment, delaying the trial, which is expected to be completed this afternoon, for an unspecified period of time.Many Republicans responded to the vote, arguing that the Democrats had made a mistake by extending the process even though five GOP senators had joined all Democrats to call witnesses

Senator Ron Johnson appeared to be annoyed by Senator Mitt Romney, who voted to call witnesses immediately after the Senate Chamber vote, Johnson later told reporters he was not angry with Romney but at the vote itself. p>

Senator Kevin Cramer argued that the impeachment executives of the House “created a really, really, really terrible situation” by calling witnesses. He said the Republicans have been “gracious” to the Democrats but are working on it, everyone to block laws introduced by the Democrats if the process is significantly delayed

“I would say this is over from now until it’s over, and if you want to turn this into a 10 month or a two year ordeal, there won’t be a single law passed,” Cramer said

Congressman Adam Schiff, a California Democrat who died during the first impeachment trial with Dr. Trump said he hoped more Republicans could hear the information about the former president’s behavior on Jan. January have to report and make yourself available to testify

In an interview with CBS News, Schiff recalled a similar incident in last year’s trial where a witness came forward after watching the House hearings to provide relevant information

Schiff also said Congressman Jaime Herrera Beutler, who wanted to be summoned by the caretakers, would be a “low risk” witness for the Democrats, but warned House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of further challenges

Schiff quoted McCarthy’s recent trip to Florida where he met with Mr. Speaking of Republicans regaining a majority in the House of Representatives in 2022, Trump in Mar-a-Lago said McCarthy had made it clear that the GOP was relying on the president to help them win the next election

“Is this the kind of incentive witness that you want to rely on to be frank?” he said, “And I don’t think McCarthy has a reputation for openness, so it’s very risky. Whether he’s going to deny Congressman Beutler’s report or add other things to the conversation, you just don’t know”

ship said mr Trump’s attorneys could try to “make some political hay for the Hannitys and Carlsons by voting on whether to hear the speaker’s testimony,” citing Fox News presenters Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson,

WATCH: Rep. Adam Schiff, the senior property manager in Trump’s first impeachment, speaks to CBS News about the Senate’s decision to call witnesses in Trump’s second trial – and how he expects Democrats and Republicans to do so https: // tco / 3HfaYxaxQC image Twittercom / lY513CKscD

Michael van der Veen sparked laughter from the Senators when he suggested that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris be among those who were removed from impeachment and that they should should appear in person at his Philadelphia office

“None of these statements should be made by Zoom,” he said, “We did not make this hearing from Zoom”

When Pelosi and Harris were laughed in Pennsylvania at his suggestion, van der Veen became more incredulous

“I don’t know how many civil attorneys are here, but this is how it works folks if you want a person to be deposited, please send a deposit statement that will appear where the notice says This is a civil process” he said “I don’t know why you’re laughing”

WATCH: Laughter breaks out in the Senate Chamber after Trump’s attorney Michael van der Veen insists that all impeachment statements should be made in person in his Philadelphia office

The Senate voted 55 to 45 in favor of calling witnesses to the trial Republican Senators Indsey Graham, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse voted to hear from witnesses, meaning the final vote not taking place today, but after hearing the witnesses

At the last minute, Graham changed his vote from no to yes because he wanted the defense to be able to call witnesses

Jamie Raskin, head of impeachment in the Lead House, said he wanted the Senate to summon Congressman Jaime Herrera Beutler, who in a statement on Friday evening confirmed that McCarthy had urged the president to stop the Jan. To cancel January Trump shrank back and supported the rioters

“Well, Kevin, I think these people are more upset about the election than you are,” he said, according to the Congressman’s report of what the minority leader told her

“We think we’ve proven our case,” said Raskin, before adding that he’d love to hear from Herrera Beutler

The impeachment proceedings against the Senate resumed at 10 a.m. For what could be the last day of deliberations, with a vote on whether to convict or acquit Mr. Trump may happen this afternoon The Senate can also consider and vote beforehand, whether witnesses should be called

House Impeachment Manager and Mr Trump’s attorneys have up to four hours to come up with final arguments. The former president’s attorneys are not expected to use their full-time hours

In an email to his Senate Republican colleagues, Senate Minority Chairman Mitch McConnell said he would vote to acquit Mr. Trump, according to a Senate official who read the email from a GOP Senator

McConnell added constitutional reasons for his argument, and McConnell agreed that the trial was unconstitutional before it began

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse called for the impeachment trial to be suspended to oust Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.The Rhode Island Democrat tweeted his proposal Friday night as Tuberville and McCarthy held talks with Mr. Trump on March 6 January

Republican Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler confirmed in a statement on Saturday that McCarthy told her about a conversation with Mr. Trump on March 6 January, when former President McCarthy said the rioters who stormed the Capitol were “more angry than you are with the elections”

Tuberville spoke to Mr. Trump shortly after 2 p.m. on Jan. January after Vice President Mike Pence was evacuated from the Chamber.It is unclear whether Tuberville was with Mr. Trump, before the president tweeted a derogatory tweet about Mr. Pence at 2:24 p.m. Senator Mike Lee, who answered the call, claimed later Friday night that the call was between Tuberville and Mr. Trump happened at 2:30 p.m. Lee, however, provided no evidence of this schedule

Whitehouse said in a tweet Friday night that the way to clear up confusion was to “oath McCarthy and Tuberville and obtain facts” and ask Intelligence to provide the White House with notices of Pence’s safety during the Year to transmit siege

“What did Trump know and when did he know?” Whitehouse Asked Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley agreed with Whitehouse in a tweet Saturday morning, saying Whitehouse did it “

“The property managers should ask for witnesses to be called, including anyone who has communicated with Donald Trump or who are directly aware of his actions and state of mind while he was in the White House following the violation of the Capitol and during the attempted coup was not finalized, “said Markey

President Trump’s attorney David Schoen resigned on Thursday night over a strategic dispute over the use of the videos that aired during the defense team’s clashes on Friday, Trump’s legal team said he rejoined the legal department after Mr Trump called and asked him to, said the source

Schön participated in the defense arguments on Friday afternoon but will not be present on Saturday because he is keeping the Jewish Sabbath

Congressman Jaime Herrera Beutler issued a statement late Friday in support of reports that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy opened President Trump on Jan. January had reached by phone

According to Herrera Beutler, McCarthy told her when he was with Mr. Trump that day and asked him to “publicly and forcibly” stop the attack on the Capitol, “the president first repeated the lie that it was Antifa who had violated the Capitol”

“McCarthy refuted that and told the president that they were Trump supporters,” said Beutler’s statement. “Then, according to McCarthy, the president said, ‘Well, Kevin, I think these people are more upset about the election than you are ‘”

Herrera Beutler, a Republican from Washington, was one of ten Republicans in the House who voted for Mr. Trump. She referred to the appeal in her statement in support of impeachment

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