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Seven horses live in a stable on Fletcher Street in north Philadelphia This is probably not the first place most people expect to find them, which is where Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club, led by founder Ellis Ferrell and a team of volunteers, is keen to teach local teenagers how to ride and care for horses and at the same time preserve a “centuries-old tradition of the Urban Black Cowboys” as the club’s website, it says

And they face real challenges The club is currently struggling financially thanks to the pandemic – the land is being paid out but the cost of running the stables has not yet been finalized In addition, the Philadelphia Housing Authority is planning to build nearby Fletcher Field, on which the horses graze and young people learn to ride, to convert into a housing estate

The real cowboys on Fletcher Street, the horses they love, and the challenges they face are the setting for the fictional film Concrete Cowboy, which in turn is based on G Neri’s award-winning YA novel Ghetto Cowboy from the 2011 year the story revolves around teenage Cole (Caleb McLaughlin of Stranger Things) who lives with his mother and can’t stop arguing at school.In the end of her mind, she drives Cole to his father’s house in Philadelphia and leaves him literally on the doorstep hoping someone else can get through to Cole and help put him on the right track

Cole’s father Harp (Idris Elba) – whom Cole hasn’t seen in a decade – is part of the Fletcher Street community and he’s a proud black cowboy A horse literally lives in his house Harp spends his days in the stable too work and his nights of sitting around the campfire with fellow Fletcher Street cowboys drinking beer and talking about how white people erased the memory and image of the black cowboy from history they want to preserve to make sure America don’t forget where the cowboys came from Most evenings, the group is accompanied by the fictional owner of the stable, Nessie (Lorraine Toussaint), who watches over the local teenagers with strong, hard love

Harp and Cole piston heads Cole is not used to horses or dirty work and Harp is not sure what to do with this teenage son who has just turned up at his house. But there is love between them. Cole stays with them his childhood friend, Smush (Jharrel Jerome), but Harp is concerned that Smush has gotten into the wrong crowd and will take Cole with him Harp knows a thing or two about what happens if you land on the wrong path p>

Slowly, Cole is being drawn into the Fletcher Street cowboy community and beginning to understand why it is so important to reclaim their history, so what if his future is threatened by forces beyond their control?

The work of grooming, breaking and riding horses is a major draw for filmmakers trying to capture something of being a person with an uncertain future – especially in the more recent past have films like The Rider and Lean on Pete from the same current good What makes Concrete Cowboy unique is the way it evokes cowboy images from the movies while challenging the predominantly white Hollywood icon.In Concrete Cowboy there are beautiful images, silhouettes before sunsets and golden light on Fletcher Field that could have come from any number of films about young people and their horses

The script, co-written by director Rick Staub and Dan Walser, is sadly a bit clunky, easy in character development, and sometimes heavy in what feels like a clichéd abbreviation, especially in dialogue. Part of that awkwardness could be be due to trying to turn a teen action book into a poetic theatrical movie – and there’s a lot of poetry in the movie.But some story beats land better than others, and if Concrete Cowboy works it’s because the images themselves are great remember her

Because Dust Luckily Can Direct The movie looks and feels great even if it trips your toes a little The way we snake around the campfire and hear stories; Watch a teen approach and tame a horse see a quartet of cowboys riding alongside a train; Feel the beating in the stomach that follows a tragedy – each scene shows sharp, delicate craft that makes the script look even more like a disproportion, and the film has a lot to do with appearances by Elba and McLaughlin in particular, the insecure, defiant young man who desperately wants to belong somewhere is fantastic

And then there are the real-life Fletcher Street cowboys who appear as versions of themselves in the film, gently ripping Cole and taking care of the horses, trying to find a way forward in a world they can Filmmakers around the world have often mixed documentary elements into fictional narratives, from Italian neorealists to French new wave directors to modern day filmmakers. The rider used a similar tactic to tell a horse story; Its director, Chloé Zhao, repeated the technique in this year’s nominee for best picture, Nomadland

The fictional story provides the narrative for Concrete Cowboy, but the real drivers are his heart and soul.Despite its shortcomings, the film works because it wasn’t made up in the end.It’s firmly rooted in the truth – even if some of those truths are Concrete Cowboy is a coming-of-age story to Cole, but to those around the campfire it’s an old story, another chapter in a story they’d like to remember, protect, and pass on / p>

Concrete Cowboy premiered at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival virtual April

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Concrete Cowboy

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