The trial of Derek Chauvin in George Floyd’s death will be unusual for many reasons: it will be streamed live from Minneapolis, attendance will be severely limited due to the coronavirus, and public interest in the case could be making this one of the most famous studies in the recent past

The trial can be followed at certain times on com, via a livestream from Court TV The opening speech is expected to begin around 10:30 a.m. East on Monday to advise the judgment

Among those who met in the 18th century courtroom On the 1st floor of the government center of the Hennepin district, there are judges, jury, witnesses, court staff, lawyers, Mr. Chauvin and only a handful of spectators. Judge Peter A Cahill wrote in a resolution on Jan. March that only one member of Mr. Floyd’s family and one member of Mr. Chauvin’s family would be allowed in at any time. Two seats are reserved for reporters, and various journalists, including the New York Times, will switch throughout the process

Lawyers, onlookers, jurors and witnesses must wear masks when they are not speaking. Onlookers are prohibited from placing any visible images, logos, letters or numbers on their masks or clothing, as directed by Judge Cahill

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