Bob Marley became famous in the 1960s and until his death in 1981 the Jamaican musician had an extraordinary mane of dreadlocks Marley, a symbol of his Rastafarian beliefs, avoided hair for most of his life to cut, and his natural fears became synonymous with both the late artist’s laid-back music and his reserved outlook on life

If you’re scared, you already know that maintaining it is not as easy as is commonly believed (it’s not just about never cutting and never washing) With that in mind, we spoke to Cardiff-based hairdresser Tariq Howes to find out how best to groom them and make sure they are the size of Marley’s follicles

“Bob Marley got his locks after a long journey of growing, twisting, and then exiting the hair to get his thing done over time,” says Tariq. “It wasn’t achieved overnight,”

You should try washing your dreads every three to four weeks, no more. When it comes to washing, shake your dreads well first so that any slack fibers separate, or they will become embedded in your hair as you wash will be

After making sure your dreads are parted, apply apple cider vinegar to the roots, which will destroy buildup of product without damaging your hair

Rinse the apple cider vinegar off as thoroughly as you can then shampoo your hair with Rasta Locks & Twist Jamaican Mango & Lime Tingling Shampoo If you have the time, wash your hair twice, first around the roots and scalp and then to the ends

When you’ve rinsed your dreads, soak your hair in some ORS olive oil nourishing shine spray and some water to lock in the moisture.Usually, after washing, you’d re-twist the dreads to keep them separate

But if you have a more natural look like Bob Marley (when he was younger his dreads were more twisted and separated, but as he got older he let them shape naturally and matt them together in a more natural way than instead of twisting and Applying too much product), let the hair do its thing

Bob Marley

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