Would you like to remove the red filter to make your Silhouette Challenge video even better? Here’s how

The Silhouette Challenge has taken the internet by storm, quickly competing with the Buss It trend and becoming one of the most popular social media challenges of January

It’s really smart, but it’s actually quite a difficult movie, and TikTok users struggle to know exactly how to do it.If the Silhouette Challenge wasn’t tough enough, now it’s evolving and people will with their editing even more technical

In a new take on the trend, people are switching between silhouette and regular video It’s very effective But how does it work? Can you remove the red filter? Let’s find out

The Silhouette Challenge was completely blown up on TikTok, and the hashtag #silhouettechallenge has already had a huge 1453 million views, making it one of the biggest social media trends of the year

You have to pose in a doorway before turning into black silhouette against a seductive red background. In the background, add the Platters song Put Your Head on My Shoulder

It picks up on the popular transition trend that TikTok adopted last year, but adds a little twist by using filters and colors to improve the transition

@mrsmosquito won this whole challenge before it even started, but I wanted to try 😭😭 #silhouettechallenge #silhouettechallenge #fyp

As the challenge has evolved, social media users have gotten a little more artistic in editing, and the videos actually become very professional

In a new version of the challenge, users create the silhouette using the Vin Rouge filter on Snapchat before removing and then reapplying the filter to create a really cool video transition But how do you do it?

Well, unfortunately there is no way to remove the Vin Rouge filter after it is applied, but there are things you can do if you want the same effect

Editing the Silhouette Challenge is very technical and it can take a while to perfect

If you want to try the Silhouette Challenge, just follow these simple steps and watch the video tutorial below …

For a step-by-step guide on how to find the Vin Rouge Snapchat filter, go here

Silhouette Challenge

World news – USA – How to remove the red filter from the Silhouette Challenge – transition effect explained!

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