In general, April Fool’s Day joke has three options: annoying pranks that ultimately make you laugh, horrific pranks that go horribly wrong, and the opportunity for brands to remind us that they should never tweet

If you are on 1 April waking up with the devious ambition to commit an April Fool’s Day joke, make sure you don’t wreak any unnecessary havoc.After all, there are good and bad jokes, also (or especially) when it comes to this national doom day It’s important to know what not to do when planning your gadgets

The April Fool’s Day is almost here, which means that all of your disinterested friends are about to announce their …

The April Fool’s Day Joke Doesn’t Give You A Way To Be Emotionally Manipulative To this end, don’t mess with the emotions of others by claiming a relative has died or a loved one has cancer.It’s not funny to have a friend or family member calling and claiming someone was in a tragic accident If you do anything like this, you should really be questioning your motivations. What’s the attraction of bringing someone to tears on false pretenses? Actually nothing!

Keep April Fool’s Jokes In General Off the Internet Posting them will only expand your audience and the chance of false information spreading unchecked. It will be even more difficult to get rid of potential harm if yours Friends and family digested the wrong information on Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform If after your nefarious status update you make a fix that will allow your audience to indulge in the gag (“Haha, we’re not really getting a divorce!”) , Chances are a lot of people won’t see this

Do you really want half of your Facebook friends to think you lost your arm in a crazy wakeboard accident? The answer is no

As with bad news, don’t spread falsehoods masquerading as good news, don’t tell an eager student that they got to their dream school when they didn’t and don’t call anyone out of the blue to order letting him know that you bought him a pup when in fact you didn’t.It’s inherently cruel to build someone up just to see their euphoria wear off when they face reality The general premise here: Don’t be an idiot

When it comes to making a joke that doesn’t cross borders, you need to know your audience.This is what my colleague Meghan Moravcik Walbert recently explained in relation to kids, but the same lesson applies to adults, it’s cool, a couple Inventing culinary pranks, like dressing cotton balls in chocolate and giving them to a friend of yours? Sure, I suppose just make sure there are no allergic reactions or choking hazards

It is good to understand the type of relationship you have with someone before you play a prank on them. Is it likely that that person will have an emotional response to being a prank recipient or do they appreciate elaborate plans to get around? sow some stupidity, even if it comes at their expense?

Choose your goals wisely, and remember, an April Fool’s Day joke is never worth ruining someone’s day

Staff Writer, Lifehacker He once wrote a story about a scam that was plagiarized by the Daily Mail

In any serious relationship, I had to sit down the other person in late March and absolutely NO pranks on them on April Fool’s Day. Not even harmless, not even cute, if this is a deal breaker, wish them all the best

It seems extreme, but I had a mom whose goal was to get me every 1 Making April cry and then laughing at me crying and then yelling at me crying when I moved out I refused to take her calls the first time

Years of therapy fixed a lot, but this is one of my personal speed bumps that can never be made up

All of this to say, please, please, please double and triple think who you are petting cause most people who know me wouldn’t know I got that hang up Asking people if they are cool with strings! Some people love them! Some will be your limits! Some will say “F ME UP, FAM!” Find these people and go to town!

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