Claudia Conway is facing challenges that arouse real and strong sympathy not only because of her tender age.First, the 16-year-old stepped onto the national stage as someone who apparently wanted to make a difference, but not her famous name Her parents, anti-Trump lawyer George Conway and Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, had already pointed out the dangers of life in the so-called swamp and made the disputes within their marriage public before Claudia became aware of her videos on TikTok And yet the news that comes her way is always in the context of her famous family, first because of the simple fact that she publicly disagrees with mom, and later because of darker and sadder reinforcements after Claudia became history, the camera of the seemed Teenagers grasp a family in crisis that involved more than politics A series of videos accused her mother of abuse of being widespread

Given that and other weird and disturbing twists like Kellyanne Conway, who allegedly posted a topless photo of her daughter online last month in ostensible revenge, it seems easier and more humane to allow whatever is supposed to be the story of Claudia’s transition adulthood and independence take place in private. But of course this nation has never been like this. Since the problem that Claudia’s parents could not be resolved for the time being, television took up the case in the new season of “American Idol” to reopen her in public A series whose long-term mission was to turn ordinary people into celebrities now seeks to turn a celebrity into an ordinary person and borrow some of their ability to have conversations along the way

Season nineteenth of Reality, which debuted on February 14, promotes Claudia’s appearance from the first commercial break; In this teaser, Judge Katy Perry shows the youth with some intent: “Are you okay?” “No!” Replies Claudia with the amusement at her own misery that will be known to anyone who has once been a teenager. Maybe that’s all; Perhaps Claudia is just suffering from parental authority in all known ways. But there is something more sinister at work here, including Conway’s skilled self-defense to the jury: “I just want to spread love, and I love a compromise, and I agree, my mother and disagreeing with my father ”

Granted, this was all recorded last fall, before the family’s most seismic blasts hit the internet earlier this year, but the first thing that feels wrong about it is the extent to which a child is at the center of an argument going on in the public is advised to be asked to wash the reputation of two adults who should know better Kellyanne appears here briefly, first shown in archive footage of Donald Trump hugging, and then videolinking her daughter to teach: “You should be nervous, honey , it is a very humbling experience, “she begins, before declaring that” winners are people who are willing to lose “(wish she had passed this advice on to those in their professional orbit)

George, meanwhile, is shown peering into the auditorium. Later he cries in front of the camera and says, “I can’t think of anything that would make you happier than doing this” During the dynamic of the Conway family, whatever How many TikToks we watch is unrecognizable to us, does that sound wrong Nothing? No opportunity to rewind the tape in the last dizzying months of the tabloid infamy after their attempt to speak out against a family who turned political disputes into a publicity stunt , got out of control?

Treating the pursuit of fame as a cure for shame is hardly new in the unwritten television universe, it has been a generous source for the casting department of “Dancing with the Stars” in 2019, among other things, when Trump’s press secretary tried the whites House, Sean Spicer, to wipe out the shadows in his person with the glow of the mirror ball Previously, another daughter of politics, Bristol Palin, had achieved the fame of her vice-presidential candidate mother Sarah by the 2010 finals.This latter casting is probably more relevant here, in the similarities between the Bristol Palin and Claudia Conway cases that one felt on TV angry but conscientious at putting the other on “American Idol” looks for misconduct Bristol was tasked with working out nothing more complicated than their love of dance in almost, despite what her family’s history had made for tabloid lining aggressively sunny sections. She had also signed up for the show as a legal adult

Compare this to Claudia, who could credibly ask Judge Perry if her mother is still hugging her. It fits both because of the public acuity and because of Claudia’s age and vibrating waves of unhappiness Claudia’s answer is, “I mean, yes , she loves me, i love her it’s just that i think our relationship is a little bit it’s a bit dubious “The conversation between the judges and the judges is interrupted with recorded parts including Claudia telling the camera directly,” Now I want to get out of the controversy, get out of the drama, get out of the political and the people let know that I am a singer and I want to do that “There is a special kind of cruelty or negligence when Claudia pokes her father with her fist while saying she wants to” get out of politics, whateverTry it, Claudia cannot escape the attraction of her family history

It is insisted with a wink that everything is okay here, whatever is ranked This may actually have been the place the Conways were on that day, but the public’s use of this snapshot as a story of family life is both incomplete and unfair to the girl herself. Why, one wonders, does it happen to her Difficult when their parents only support them when the cameras are on? The denial of conflict becomes a new kind of conflict – against what we read with the force of state media. In this case, it seems less an affirmation of Kellyanne Conway’s agenda than an affirmation of the concept, the story not too soon blown up If Claudia continued, the producers could play the string of their family saga for weeks or months

But first we have to see if she goes on.It seems both unfair to the audience and unkind to the girl shown to go into detail on Claudia’s audition, working towards an argument that she should never have been transferred to that position, does it feel beyond the point of pausing to comment on the exact nature of the position Suffice it to say that Claudia performs two songs that require some sort of robustness of life experience that most teenagers lack for the second, Adeles “When we were young,” Perry suggests that Claudia take up her personal story: “There’s a sadness because you lost your youth,” says the pop star, noting that Claudia has to close the world in order to sing “Your father is your father, your mother is your mother Who is Claudia? You have to calm the storm that is around you”

This is credible advice for surviving a television performance of an Adele song, but the accomplishment of a higher and more virtuous concern for Claudia’s plight is tiresome at best, much like those who admired Claudia’s TikTok exploits by being Compared to heroes of fiction, they became clueless very quickly.If the show is concerned that Claudia lost what had passed so far in her youth, the way to fix it would not be for her to spend a small portion of her teenage years doing it to practice their persona for millions on television If she wanted to find out who Claudia is, maybe she could do it elsewhere and then for age 21 Returning Season Perry tells Claudia to calm the storm around her while the show that takes her to the next round whips him up

This is in what “Idol” clearly sees as its own interest, and it would be if Claudia Conway were Claudia Smith Elsewhere in the premiere, a candidate who delivers a self-written song brings herself to the point Crying That She Can’t Go on This song is about her mother’s abandonment and is based on the line “How could a mother be good at scaring her children?” (“That message about this song,” says Judge Lionel Richie, “is a hit”) The installation of trauma can make great music; However, with “Idol” it is increasingly important that it enables great storytelling

But what story is being told here? We see a young woman flashing in the studio lights showing far more fear than “idol” candidates with far less experience in public. Though she publicly disagrees with her parents, she shows herself with them (one in person and one out the afar) We see her talk about conflict that, broadly speaking, can be considered fairly fundamental – a child with a rebellious heart, a political conflict within the family – but it seemed like any new revelation to the public outside the “idol” framework was imposed meaner and crueler and harder for the soul. And we see a person who in the course of their young life has not yet managed to avoid the myth machine She should take her chance and see if she can be Claudia instead of a Conway this time

The game is manipulated What at first glance seems to be Claudia’s chance to “get out of the political” turns into a lengthy task to deal with a story and finally to give her a happy face, which Claudia tried Telling her in fits and starts of her own terms.She ceded or stole the chance to do so, with the promise that what she would get for it would be a fresh start. What ABC has done here is wrong and should be a deep reflection on the part of producers and executives, however, I suspect that this will only happen if the reviews are not good By this point, young Claudia and her tale of woe will quickly become dispensable.She will simply have found out that a certain kind of moral swamp extends as far as Hollywood and met another group of people willing to play the drama in public to let as long as it is sold

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