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Reporting on the impact of the coronavirus on the sports world

The best of the best in college football will be honored on Tuesday night when the 2020 Heisman Trophy is awarded to one of four players, two of whom happen to play for the same team.The four finalists for this year’s award are Alabama quarterback Mac Jones, Alabama recipient DeVonta Smith, Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, and Florida quarterback Kyle Trask Recipient of the famous award

The Heisman Trophy was first awarded in 1935 to the University of Chicago, which brought Jay Berwanger back. It was then called the DAC Trophy, as it was named after New York’s Downtown Athletic Club when the club’s sports director John Heisman died in 1936 the award known as The Heisman Trophy

Tuesday night we will see another member inducted into the most prestigious club in college football The 2020 Heisman Trophy ceremony begins at 7 p.m. ET and air on ESPN It can also be streamed live on fuboTV (free trial) due to the With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s awards ceremony will be the first with the four finalists performing live via satellite from home or school

Let’s take a look at the four finalists for this year’s award and their current chances of winning through William Hill Sportsbook

DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama (2/13): The college football world in general was first introduced to Smith in January 2018. It was the final game of the 2017 season, as Smith and Alabama in the College Football Playoff National Championship faced Georgia In overtime of that game, Tua Tagovailoa, 23:20 ahead of Georgia, threw a 41-yard touchdown pass to Smith, who won the game, and a national title to Crimson Tide Tagovailoa, a freshman who Fell off the bank to replace veteran starter Jalen Hurts made headlines at the time Now Smith may be packing the Heisman a few years later during Smith’s time in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, we have recipients like Calvin Ridley, Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs all turned into first-round NFL draft picks, but Smith could be the best of them all After Smith made 68 passes for 1Having caught 256 yards and 14 touchdowns, he stepped into 2020 that was not viewed by many as a Heisman candidate.He finished after making another 105 passes for 1Caught 641 yards and 20 more touchdowns If Smith wins the award, he’ll be the first recipient to do so since Michigan’s Desmond Howard in 1991

Mac Jones, QB, Alabama (5-1): Jones’ story is not too dissimilar to Smith’s He spent the past few years as a backup QB in Alabama, buried by national title winners like Jalen Hurts and Tagovailoa In a time with so many quarterbacks unwilling to wait before switching, Jones made it and stepped into 2020 as a tide starter. Even then, some wondered if he would stick with the job as Alabama has a five-star It wasn’t long before everyone realized that Jones was not going to quit the job anytime soon.Jones threw 249 yards and two touchdowns in Alabama’s first game of the season, and the next week he threw against a top five. Texas team A&M 435 yards and four touchdowns This type of statline became routine when Jones finished the season at 4036 yards finished, the 36 touchdowns with just four interceptions passed Jones’ 77% completion mark and 4036 yards were both Alabama school records for a single season Next week, he’ll be hoping to join the players he’s been waiting for, Hurts and Tagovailoa, as QBs to win a national title with the tide

Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson (8-1): Honestly, what is there to say about Lawrence that hasn’t been said yet? He came to Clemson to be the guy to replace the greatest QB in school history at Deshaun Watson, and he not only fulfilled Watson’s legacy, but possibly surpassed it, leading the Tigers to the College Football Playoffs and each of his seasons won a national title in 2018 This season was perhaps his best to date Lawrence made career highs in overtaking yards per game and passing efficiency If he hadn’t paused two games (including Clemson’s first loss to Notre Dame) on contract with COVID-19, If he could have been the runaway Heisman favorite, perhaps more important than any of his on-field performances is what he did off-the-field, Lawrence was a vocal advocate for player rights in both athletic and social matters, and he was in favor of it too that the season is played when many wondered if it would be In An considering the personal risk Lawrence poses due to his NFL future, he is likely No. 1 1 election in the NFL Spring Draft – his support was seen as a defining moment to play the season

Kyle Trask, QB, Florida (50-1): Trask is viewed as a longshot to win the finalist award, largely due to the way Florida ended the season with the Gators having their last two Lost games of the year (although voting was finalized before losing at the Cotton Bowl), but that shouldn’t spoil an incredible season for the Gators QB. Trask set school records for overtaking yards in a single season (Aug.283), passing touchdowns (43), and passer-by efficiency (180) on 02) Given that Florida has three Heisman-winning quarterbacks in its history, those feats are even more impressive, even at big games he was at his best in Trask threw three regular season bouts against the top 10 teams in Texas A&M, Georgia and Alabama with just one interception 1194 yards and 11 touchdowns Not bad for a man who took on the starting job for the Gators last season after not starting a game since his junior high school year

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