The Minister of Health and Human Services Alex Azar shot back on CNN Friday night, claiming he was about the Jan resigned 6 The takeover of the Capitol was wrong

“Unlike @ CNN-Chyron, I’m still here to serve the American people at HHS,” Azar tweeted after the CNN report, “I believe it is my duty to make a smooth transition during the pandemic to contribute to President-elect Biden’s team and I’ll be back by Aug. January remain secretary””

Azar said in another tweet that a letter of resignation was filed but said it was merely part of routine preparations for a change of administration

“This week I, along with every other political officer, wrote my letter with effect from the 20th January submitted at noon ”, wrote Azar Then the elected President Biden will take the oath of office

Azar also provided a copy of his letter of resignation, stating in the first paragraph that he was on Jan. Wanted to leave January 20

“It has been the greatest professional privilege and honor of my life to serve as secretary,” wrote Azar in the letter to President Trump, “and I thank you for the opportunity to serve the American people”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper reported that Azar had “hit President Trump” in the resignation letter

“Unfortunately, post-election actions and rhetoric, especially last week, threaten to tarnish this and other historical legacies of this administration,” wrote Azar, urging Trump to “clearly condemn all forms of violence” “

Alex Azar

World News – USA – Health and Welfare Minister Alex Azar to CNN: “I’m still here”