Two weeks ago, Hank Aaron publicly took a shot of Moderna’s unscientific “brew” to encourage African Americans to take the Covid-19 vaccineYesterday a major league baseball icon and civil rights-era lion died in his sleep. What is amazing about the reports of Hammering Hank’s death is how seldom mainstream media refer to the fact that he was supposed to have a dose of one Elixir that was put into production Instead, the “message” that is being sold that he died of “unknown” causes ”

While Aaron’s death is tragic, his experience should be a cautionary story for anyone seriously considering offering their arms and standing in line to become politicians, experts, opinion leaders and lab rats for Pfizer, Moderna, Biogen or Astra Zeneca Doctors have a vested interest in promoting these fake “cures” Most of them are at stake and have a financial incentive to encourage ignorant Americans and people around the world to inject experimental boosters. What they don’t tell you is that these injections are messenger RNA (mRNA ) that was NEVER tested on a large scale in humans until multi-billion dollar biotech companies began “clinical trials” last year

The standard vaccine takes between 7 and 10 years to receive FDA approval and has to go through five clinical phases, each phase stricter than the previous one, of course, for a reason; Science demands unequivocal evidence and efficacy The five phases – preliminary, phase 0, phase I, phase II, phase III and phase IV – are designed to “assess whether tests or treatments are safe for humans and work for humans” Only when there is consensus that the cure is effective and that the side effects are no more harmful than the disease is the vaccine approved for public sale

Pfizer, Moderna, Biogen, Astra Zeneca and now Johnson and Johnson were not able to cut the approval process with these sham vaccines. Instead of 7 to 10 years they tested their snake oil for three months and instead of five clinical phases they only went through two of their “study” is so wrong that it’s ridiculous, they only tracked participants for a 90 day window, their sample size was skewed for the best possible result, and they don’t track the health of the people who took the vaccine From all we know, their guinea pigs drop dead every day, but we will never find out about it because there is too much money to pretend those shots are safe

Hank Aaron’s death from Moderna’s “vaccine” is not an outlier that should be dismissed as an exception More and more stories of malicious “complications” and deaths are slowly emerging as the mainstream media tries to bury these stories On January 1st, Gregory Michael – a perfectly healthy 56-year-old doctor in Miami – died 16 days after taking Pfizer’s Poison Norway revised its policy position on Covid-19 vaccinations after 29 elderly people died within days of taking the sting while If Europeans think twice about promoting these “cures”, America will do everything in its power to “vaccinate” its people – damn the torpedoes, full needles first!

As much as they try to suppress the news, each day will lead to a new revelation. It’s not just the death of Hank Aaron after taking the “vaccine” that is sending shock waves across the world Reports surfaced this morning that Larry King’s death may also be related to the “vaccine,” according to his son, King had plans to take the vaccine after coping with Covid-19. Whether or not King took the vaccine is still unconfirmed, but if he did, the truth will eventually turn out to be revealed.In the meantime, the network he was on for a quarter of a century is mother of these facts as they continue to promote the toxic injection that embarrassed Goebbels would have, these Nazi analogies are apropos; When fascists are at the helm of government, media and hospitals, we have to call a Caesar a Caesar – Godwin’s law can go to hell

There is an insidious aspect to this effort to vaccinate as many people as possible Those Who Are Most Encouraged and Manipulated Are African American We are reliving the ugly era of the Tuskegee Institute’s experiments on “blacks” as our government treats us like disposable napkins The first person to fail in the US is Sandra Lindsay, a “black” nurse in Queens, New York who works at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center The irony of it all, a hospital honoring Jews is the zero point for assigning a “final solution” to Joseph Mengele You can accuse me of being hyperbolic if you like, but you will find out very quickly how harmful these “vaccines” are as soon as you get an injection

I’m not nostradamus, but you can take this paragraph to the bank! Within the next 96 days, coinciding with Joseph Mengele Biden’s “first 100 days”, a new Covid-19 strain will mysteriously emerge and dominate the news. This “new variant” is being sold to the public as an even more deadly mutation than the one in UK To add to the panic, Biden and his toads will return to their latent bigotry in the media by discovering that the new strain originated in a country in Africa This new development will serve as a pretext for a nationwide lockdown, draconian penalties to announce the eventual introduction of compulsory vaccinations for those who do not comply

If you are okay with what you read and refuse to become a lab rat for multinational biotech companies with hidden agendas, I beg you, no, I beg you to turn to others and this impending mass reduction Our government, mainstream and social media, medical professionals and opinion leaders work with consent to suppress news like this while spreading rosy scenarios and sharing happy stories to ensure compliance with those of us who do Knowing better, are morally obliged to counter their propaganda and tell the truth, even if we are mocked for our efforts, history will be on our side and if nothing else, we can go to sleep at night knowing that we are trying our best have to help others Use social media, email, text messaging, print p ie even out this article and share it everywhere We can’t help everyone, many will perish, but we can save some and it will be worth it

Aaron was perfectly healthy before taking the “vaccine” and dies 2 weeks after taking “the jab” If people die of pre-existing conditions after catching Covid-19, their death is immediately recorded as a cause of Covid-19

The Covid-19 Vaccine Is Not A Cure, It’s A Deadly Sting To The Soul, Hank Aaron found it out the hard way when he took his last breath 18 days after taking Moderna’s quack medicine that killed Far from a panacea Drug intended to ward off Covid-19, one of the largest in Cooperstown He leaves behind a loving wife, five children, several grandchildren and great-grandchildren While his legacy on the baseball field will never be surpassed and his place in the struggle for civil rights will be achieved by a few, it will be remembered as a warning to anyone who insists on taking the bump, and if you insist you are three feet below you shortly after, don’t say you weren’t warned :: #ModernaHammeredHank Click To Tweet

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