Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are a power couple in the music industry.She is a versatile singer who has conquered pop music since the 1990s. He is now a legendary country singer with countless hit singles

Every relationship has its own set of challenges, however, and Stefani and Shelton almost didn’t make it to the finish line. In fact, Stefani once threatened to break up with Shelton over the state of his Oklahoma ranch

Stefani and Shelton met in 2014. That year, Stefani joined The Voice’s coaching panel, which Shelton has been on since the show’s premiere. It appeared in season 7 and has returned a few more times afterwards

At the time, Stefani and Shelton were both married to other people.Stefani was married to rock singer Gavin Rossdale while Shelton was dating country star Miranda Lambert.In 2015, both Stefani and Shelton announced they were breaking up with theirs divorce respective spouses

Soon after, Stefani and Shelton confirmed they were dating, it seems like the two bonded over the heartbreak of their previous relationships, and that led to them becoming extremely close

“When I got divorced and hit rock bottom just like everyone else after going through something this devastating, it’s a wonder I met someone who went through exactly what I was with exactly when same time, “Shelton told NBC’s Sunday Today

in 2018
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Of course, relationships require people to understand what their partner wants and needs. With Stefani and Shelton, Stefani has specific ways to take care of their hair. As such, Shelton had to make some changes to his ranch in Oklahoma to get her water that she needed

“I really take care of my hair, even more than my face because you have to when you’re blonde,” she told Vogue in 2017. “It’s a funny story because Blake, my friend, is in a ranch Oklahoma has and the water there is like a well. I said, “Ok, I think we have to part if you don’t put soft water in the system because I have run out of hair “I mean, it’s going to break! So we just got the soft water, and I thought, Hallelujah!”

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Stefani doesn’t seem to have much trouble taking care of her hair in Oklahoma.Last year, the couple spent a lot of time quarantining Shelton’s 1,300 acre ranch in The Sooner State together, and Shelton has a house one too Hour away near Lake Texoma

Stefan’s sons apparently enjoy life in Oklahoma too. An alleged source told Us Magazine, “Blake loves getting dirty with the boys. They always play basketball or running around. They love it there because only five of them are in the country, hunting or hiking ”

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