With the first game in school history on Christmas Day, the Gophers men’s basketball team had the opportunity to make a statement on Friday night should be taken seriously in the Big Ten

The Gophers were a half away from surprise against No 4 Iowa after taking control of the game through the break. They couldn’t hold the Hawkeyes offensive for long, but they had the answer: Marcus Carr and Brandon Johnson combined 56 points and 14 three points at a 102-95 win in extra time at the Williams Arena

Johnson, a 6-foot-8 senior from Chicago, hit a season high of 26 points and nine rebounds from the bench, including a school record of eight threes. Four of those outside-the-arc shots came in overtime and led the Gophers (8-1, 1-1) for their first Big Ten win of the season

The graduate transfer from West Michigan struggled with an ankle injury, but it was exactly the spark the Gophers needed to fend off the best offensive in the country

Carr’s three-pointers with 57 seconds in regular time tied the game between 83 and 83. The Junior Guard finished his third 30-point game of the season but had a chance to send the game into overtime, after Iowas Joe Toussaint had missed two free throws by 14 seconds

It was the second big surprise in the Big Ten Northwest beating No. 4 Michigan State by 14 points last week, but also improved to 2-0 in conference after beating Indiana

The Gophers, who lost 92-65 in the Illinois opener, will be aiming for their second big win over Michigan State at home on Monday. The schedule doesn’t get any easier after the Wisconsin New Year’s Eve game

The biggest surprise of the first half was that the Gophers took the nation’s leading scorer Luka Garza to five points in the 2-11 shootout from the field, Garza, who averaged 284 points per game, still with 32 points ended

But the Hawkeyes (7-2, 1-1) were also the top offensive team in college basketball averaging 951 points, but they had the lowest half-season score with just 33 points on Friday

It wasn’t a typical game for Garza and his society, but Minnesota’s defense deserves credit for Richard Pitino’s plan was to trap the best scoring threat in the game and double the team by taking his risk, Iowa’s other Allow players to win the game

After the Hawkeyes were five points behind at halftime, they took the lead in the second half with a 12-2 run after three three-pointers, including two shots from CJ Fredrick

Unfortunately for the Gophers, Garza found his rhythm after a slow start too. His layup at 10:23 made it 60-52 Iowa

Carr, the Big Ten’s second top scorer, tried to keep the Gophers within striking distance, but needed help

When the Hawkeyes got into the game on Friday, they led the Big Ten with 10-8 three-pointers a night.The Gophers finished 11th with just over six threes Place in the conference, but achieved 17 three points on Friday

Minnesota’s 7-footer Liam Robbins battled Garza with nasty trouble, but the Iowa native’s dunk in overtime was the exclamation point

This was the eighth time in their last nine Minneapolis games that the Gophers and Hawkeyes had decided the result by six points or less, including Minnesota’s 58-55 loss last season

It was especially painful for Pitino to watch it lead to the Christmas Day showdown this season, as his Gophers had an eight point lead with less than six minutes to go last season, taking revenge on their own late comeback on Friday evening

Marcus Fuller reports on Gophers Men’s Basketball and College Basketball for the Star Tribune. He has 13 years of experience in Twin Cities College and in professional sports

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