Does this man look like he’s cutting his hair with a flowbee? Vivien Killilea | Getty Images

We didn’t have “George Clooney Supports Flowbee” on our pandemic bingo cards, but strange things happened

The A-list actor recently told CBS Sunday Morning that he has long been cutting his own hair with the combined hair clipper-vacuum attachment

“My hair is really like straw, you know?” the actor said, running a hand through his salt-and-pepper hair, “And it’s so easy to cut. You really can’t make too many mistakes Years ago I bought a thing called Flowbee that we had as kids”

“Yes,” said Clooney, 59 “It comes with a vacuum cleaner and clipper? Yes, I still have it. Listen man, it works. Now I wouldn’t do it to my wife. ”

Actor / director George Clooney tells @thattracysmith that he’s been cutting his hair for years – with the Flowbee clipper https: // tco / SWYT8pFC8h imageTwittercom / bKepm5LQCM

Regardless of whether or not Clooney actually uses a Flowbee to make his hair look like he paid $ 500 for a haircut, his small admission was a real endorsement – right in the high season of the holiday shopping season!

But Flowbee isn’t exactly ready to take advantage of the inevitable bumps in traffic. Chances are, you can’t get your hands on a Flowbee even if you wanted to

We can’t approve or disapprove of using a Flowbee on the set of #TheMidnightSky ImageTwittercom / op7gt5rLyH

While demand and Google searches for the device have already skyrocketed during the pandemic due to the need for haircuts at home, the company temporarily suspended COVID-19 and stopped shipping in April website won’t even load Flowbees are also sold out at other retailers

Of course, a quick Amazon search reveals a number of Flowbee imitators.San Diego carpenter Rick Hunts invented the original in 1986 after sucking sawdust out of his hair and thinking about how nice it would be if he had a haircut at the same time The Flowbee sucks hair into the vacuum attachment and then cuts it off (it cannot be used on long hair)

Clooney’s Flowbee moment was great fun on social media The Twitter account for the upcoming movie “The Midnight Sky” (Clooney stars and director of the film) will be released on Netflix Dec 23, took advantage of:

“We can’t approve or deny using a Flowbee on the set of #TheMidnightSky”

People around you: If you cut your hair with the Flowbee, you DON’T look like George Clooney, just put that out there before you spend your money 😀

People laugh when I tell them I’ve used a Flowbee for 25 years George Clooney said on @CBSSunday that he uses a Flowbee too! Another thing we have in common beyond our good looks: #Flowbee #ItSucksAsItCuts

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