George Erwin Jr, a former Henderson County sheriff, raised his support for the newly elected representative on Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) Saying Cawthorn’s words played a role in the deadly riot that took place at the Capitol on Wednesday

Erwin was supposed to serve as the district director of Cawthorn but changed his mind after seeing the devastating storming of the Capitol, according to Blue Ridge Public Radio (BPR)

“Once a word leaves your mouth, you can’t pick it up again. And you can either stimulate or calm yourself with the words you use and I haven’t seen any calming words,” Erwin said

Cawthorn spoke at the “Stop the Steal” rally before the Capitol uprising, where he said, “This crowd has a fight inside. Republicans are hiding and not fighting, trying to silence your voice”

In an exclusive interview with Smoky Mountain News, he later called the group of people who stormed the Capitol “disgusting and pathetic” and acknowledged that President Trump’s GOP leader Donald TrumpHouse urged members to spread lies about ending riots, says Trump, attorney general for Antifa DC The organization failed to properly pay the K-bill that came up during the inauguration 70000 QAnon Twitter accounts were suspended after the Capitol Uprising MORE sparked the role of the insurrection

Erwin said he was wrong to ever support Cawthorn and urged the other law enforcement officers to stop supporting the congressman as well

“There were a lot of good, great people up there for all the right reasons, but you can get a few people into such a large crowd and your words can inspire them,” Erwin said. “And then you have one so-called mob mentality and other people can get caught up in it “

“You cannot talk about [how] you support Blue Lives Matter and support the Blue when you fire people who harm law enforcement officers,” he added,

As BPR notes, this is not the first time Cawthorn has faced controversy.He has been accused of sexual misconduct and used the language of the white supremacists Hitler referred to as “the Führer” and said the visit had been on his “bucket list” for a while ”

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Madison Cawthorn

World News – USA – Former Sheriff regrets helping Madison Cawthorn after he “ignited” the Capitol mob