The “unrealistic idea of ​​perfection” that Robinson had to achieve in his life finally put the former Rangers outfielder on a dark path, only due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the delayed start in the MLB -Season 2020 reinforced

In a recent ESPN E: 60 feature by Jeff Passan, Robinson discussed the circumstances of a failed suicide attempt at his home in April, his miraculous recovery, and his plans, including a return to baseball and support for it, including the mentally ill Suffer from ailments

“I should be going through this,” Robinson told Passan, “I’m supposed to help people get through battles that don’t seem to be winning It should actually happen There is no other answer It doesn’t make sense It should happen I have myself shot but killed my ego ”

On 16 On April 11th, Robinson, who was part of the Rangers organization from 2010 to 18, survived a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head at his Las Vegas home for 20 hours before dialing 911 the next day after making an initial attempt at suicide to take, he had decided that he wanted to live

In the months since then, Robinson has started talking about his mental health problems, including a speech to his San Francisco Giants teammates on September 9, the day before World Suicide Prevention Day

“I remember having this thought in my head: This is the toughest guy I have ever met,” Giants outfielder Alex Dickerson told ESPN, “Not just physically, but mentally and how brave he is to do what he does ”

The bullet irreparably damaged Robinson’s right eye.But the injury miraculously didn’t end his career.Robinson eventually resumed baseball training, and San Francisco re-signed a minor league contract inviting him to spring training later this month

National Lifeline for Suicide Prevention: 24-Hour Crisis Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 A confidential online chat is available

North Texas Suicide and Crisis Center: Talk to a trained advisor on the 24-hour hotline at 214-828-1000 or 800-273-8255, or go to the Center Org

Here for the Texas mental health navigation line: Grant Halliburton Foundation initiative connecting North Texans with mental health resources tailored to each caller at 972-525-8181, or go to HereForTexascom

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