“Thank you for sharing your gift with the world I just hope you knew how loved you were”

On 2 On March 23rd, 2021, people reported that former actor Jahmil French of Degrassi: The Next Generation died at the age of 28. His representative’s statement read: “Many choose him for his passion for the arts, commitment to his craft and vibrant personality I ask that you keep his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time “After the news of his untimely death, former Degrassi stars pay tribute to their friend and colleague

“So grateful for memories and deep convos with you, beautiful angel,” tweeted Costar Melinda Shankar, who played the friend of his character Alli on Degrassi: The Next Generation. “Blessed that we must be part of a large dysfunctional family together. Many Thanks for sharing your gift with the world I just hope you knew how loved you were. “Shankar also shared cute throwback shots of the couple who messed around while on the show

Costar Lyle Lettau wrote of his favorite memories of French, from their time together in a nerve-wracking scene to a chance encounter that would turn out to be their last, “He gave me so much kind energy – he hugged me and said, ‘ Look at this guy! ‘ then he told me i was a f * ckin rock star “he continued” we hadn’t kept in touch and i hadn’t seen him in quite a while but in that brief moment we shared he made me feel like well , a f * ckin rock star that was pretty cool of him that i never forgot “

Sam Earle, another co-star, also noted the French’s positive energy and tweeted, “Jahmil had such talent and charisma that it would have been intimidating if he hadn’t also been a real gentleman”

Jessica Tyler wrote about acting alongside French for several years, sharing: “We all grew up together There are so many memories to look back on At the end of the day we are a family Always was, always will be We are bound together forever through the unique experience we call Degrassi A place that many of us would call home to this day “

Despite leaving the show prior to French’s tenure, former Degrassi: TNG actress Andrea Lewis, who appeared at the Degrassi reunion for Drake’s “I’m Upset” music video, honored French on her Instagram story and wrote “REST IN PEACE” YOUNG KING “

Costar Luke Bilyk, a friend on and off the screen, also went to Instagram to remember French “You are a light my brother and I am so happy we got to experience this crazy life together” he wrote

French has also been remembered by recent collaborators with whom he has worked since his time at Degrassi. Joshua Safran, who created the 2019 Netflix series soundtrack in which French starred, described the actor in a tweet as ” good friend “and” all-round inspiration “The French soundtrack costar Christina Milian commented on his last Instagram post and wrote:” We will miss you 😢 Rest peacefully, King “

Salvatore Antonio, who was the story editor at Schitt’s Creek, also tweeted about his connection with the late actor, “Jahmil was such a special person,” he wrote, “A longtime acting student of mine, &, my mentee. He was fearless and brilliant in his pursuit and I am so sad that we shall not see any more of his gift. I am so grateful that I have crossed with him and I wish him everlasting peace “


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