The Weeknd occurs during the halftime show of the NFL Super Bowl 55 soccer game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday Feb 7, 2021, in Tampa, FlaAP

TAMPA, Fla – Weeknd’s Super Bowl halftime show opened with a flurry of anthems and choir singers who made it feel like the pop star was coming to save us all, but The Weeknd wasn’t a savior on Sunday night.

All of the projection screens, fireworks and light displays in the world (and there were MANY) couldn’t save us from a mediocre performance that was under-challenged.The Weeknd is an excellent performer and as visionary as any modern artist when it comes to pop music in To present sound and images

But his art wasn’t up to the scale he performed on Sunday The noise (not his fault) was miserable at best. The opening performance of “Starboy” set the stage for a tired set. It didn’t help that The Weeknd did the early parts of the Carrying performance alone on his shoulders, supported by projection screens, singers and musicians who faded into the background

It got better as he moved backstage and played “Can’t Feel My Face” while mimicking the lighting and mirror effects from his last few videos. This is where The Weeknd works best, at the center of the chaos, yours Imagination stimulates

The Weekend quickly returned to the stage where he felt a little calmed down during a performance of “The Hills” Still, compared to recent Super Bowl appearances by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira or Lady Gaga, dancing means a lot, when it comes to a concert, and that’s not The Weeknd’s trademark

Even so, during the final section, he picked up on dozens of bandaged cast members (this is his newest gimmick, after all) to wear (um) jockstraps on their faces (hint: they were actually bandages as part of The Weeknds ” After hours of “gimmick” but still) to accompany him on the field during “Blinding Lights”, the song that the NFL and CBS had embedded in our heads for months. Fireworks followed, but you still had to wear those jockstraps -Think bandages (because how could you not?)

Unfortunately, the Weeknd’s performance wasn’t as memorable as the pomp and circumstance suggests. His résumé looks like a star, but The Weeknd’s Super Bowl performance didn’t live up to the hype

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