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on the 5th February 2021 at 10:07 am PST

Firebase Z is the newest map in the Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Both the map and the Easter Egg Quest are now live We’re not sure what the quest has in store for us yet, but see you As we do so, there are still a few important tasks to begin with in the new Firebase Z card, including how to turn it on and how to activate the Pack-A-Punch machine

Get a head start now so you are prepared to tackle anything the Easter Egg Hunt has in store, including a new way to unlock the RAI K-84 Firebase Z wonder weapon, we will update this guide as we know more

When you first fall on the map, your first goal is to speak to Ravenov, follow the waypoint and you will find him in a corner area of ​​the courtyard. Chat with Ravenov and he will guide you from Pack-A -Punch machine and finally direct you to a teleporter that will take you to the Omega Base

To get to the teleporter you will need to open a door that leads to an equipment store with stairs that lead you to the roof. Shoot down some zombies until you get 1Accumulated 250 points then redeem them to open the door.Follow the waypoint up and you will hear even more radio chatters from Doctor Peck talking about turning the unit on but you can just ignore that and get in to get to the Omega Base

Once you get to Omega Base, your mission is to get all three etheric reactors for a total of 1500 points to activate – 500


Each ether reactor is marked on the map with waypoints So get to the point you and your crew want to start with first, know that every area is closed with some gates, so grind down the spawning zombies until you have enough points to open their way for them

Activating an Ethereal Reactor is easy – just approach it and indicate the points it takes to turn it on.Once you have done this, your next task is to defend the nearby gathering points from some waves of zombies If you’re having trouble keeping track of which collector is being attacked, watch out for when the respective “guard” pathpoints flash red to indicate when they have been damaged. Discharge the invading undead long enough, and eventually the Collector fully charged, activating the ether reactor

Repeat this process with the remaining ether reactors, and you have successfully turned on the power. When this goal is achieved, go back to the teleporter

After you’re back in the launch yard area, return to Ravenov and interact with the Pack-A-Punch machine to turn it on. You can now upgrade the firepower of your weapons This is a must have to successfully complete the Firebase Z Easter Egg

The first upgrade costs 5000 points, the following 15000 and 30000 points Be sure to come back if your currently equipped weapon doesn’t quite cut it against the undead hordes

The Firebase Z Easter Egg just went online so we’re still thinking of how to get it done, so please try again later as we are updating this guide with all the information you need to know

The RAI K-84 is the great new weapon in Zombies mode that was added alongside the Firebase Z card, but you can now technically unlock it For more information, see our guide to unlocking the RAI K-84.We’ll update this guide as we learn how to unlock the RAI K-84 along with the Easter Egg

Firebase Z Easter Egg

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