Anthime Joseph Gionet, a far-right media personality nicknamed “Baked Alaska” who is known for engaging in illegal activities himself was arrested by the FBI on Friday and accused of illegally storming the Capitol during the attack on the building by supporters of President Trump last week

Mr Gionet, who was banned from Twitter and YouTube for its content, has streamed live in the crowd on DLive, a streaming service that is growing in popularity after a mass exodus of right-wing figures from more mainstream platforms, he posted a video that Supporters of Mr Trump took selfies with officers in the Capitol quietly telling them to leave the premises The video showed the Trump supporters talking to each other, laughing, and telling the officers and each other, “This is just the beginning”

Mr According to the Justice Department website, Gionet was arrested in Houston on Friday and charged with two federal crimes. In a lawsuit, Nicole Miller, an F.B.I agent said Mr Gionet had recorded a 27 minute video in which he appeared to be singing: “Patriots are in control” and said, “We are in the Capitol, 1776 will begin again”â ????

Authorities also arrested Lisa Marie Eisenhart, the mother of Eric Gavelek Munchel, the man who held cable ties at the Capitol during the riot, on Saturday. Jack Jesse Griffith, another person arrested on Saturday, was found via an Instagram Identified video that was reported to have been posted by someone else in the riot. Both were arrested in Tennessee

Over 70 people were arrested in connection with the riots and at least 170 cases opened. Many of the mob participants could be easily identified from their social media posts

Emily Hernandez, a woman who was photographed with part of the wooden nameplate ripped from the entrance to Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi’s office, was indicted in federal court Friday

Ms. Hernandez was seen in numerous videos and photos, in which Ms. Pelosi’s splintered nameplate was like a valuable souvenirB.I got tips about Ms. Hernandez from her friends and acquaintances after she posted pictures and videos of herself messing around with the nameplate on Facebook and Snapchat A tipster recognized her from a widely shared video from ITV News based in the UK

Jenna Ryan, a real estate agent from Frisco, Texas who took a private plane to Washington to participate in the mob, was also charged on Friday.She was easily identified after reporting on her participation in various ways, including by posting a picture on her Twitter account of her standing in front of a broken window in the Capitol with the caption “Window in the capital “â ????

Just before entering, she turned to the camera and said, “Yes, everyone knows who to hire for your broker”Jenna Ryan for your realtor”

Baked Alaska

World news – USA – right-wing activist “Baked Alaska” ???? is among the Capitol’s youngest rioters to be arrested