To say it was a rough year for Vanessa Bryant and her family would be the greatest understatement of all time. Yet just 11 months after the tragic death of her husband Kobe Bryant and daughter Gianna in a tragic helicopter crash in the Vanessa’s own mother, Sofia Laine, filed a lawsuit against her last January

68-year-old Laine accuses 38-year-old Vanessa of deliberately withholding financial assistance since Kobe’s death. Court documents indicate that Laine claims she worked unpaid as a “longtime personal assistant and nanny” for her own grandchildren

Laine added that the late NBA superstar had promised to “look after his mother-in-law for the rest of her life,” which Vanessa reportedly no longer wants to honor

Kobe Bryant’s mother-in-law is now reportedly aiming for a $ 96 an hour reimbursement for two decades of volunteer work, according to a PageSix report, she’s also demanding $ 5 million, a new house and a Mercedes SUV

Things can certainly get ugly between family members, especially when it comes to money. When it comes to a family as high-profile as the Bryants, things can get downright nasty

Sofia Laine continued to stoke the fire when she accused Vanessa of “returning to her social life” shortly after her husband’s death. She suggests that Bryant’s widow left her three daughters Natalia, Bianka and Capri in her care while she has attended social events

Vanessa has since denied those claims, adding that her mother is simply trying to blackmail the family into “a financial collapse”. She also described her mother’s revenge as “frivolous, shameful and unimaginably hurtful” “

While Kobe and Vanessa tried to keep their relationship as close as possible, the public knows a lot about the late NBA icon’s widow

Not much is known about Sofia Laine, however, aside from a few photos here and there of her sometimes watching Bryant’s playground. Here’s everything we know about Kobe’s mother-in-law

On Hollywood Life, Vanessa and her sister Sophie were raised by Sofia alone after she divorced her biological father shortly after their birth. Sofia remarried Stephen Laine in 1990, but ended the union in 2002

Vanessa announced that she and Kobe paid for Sofia’s new home after their divorce (more on that later) as she was unable to. To this day, Sofia is receiving maintenance allowance from her second husband

Money problems were widespread in the lainen household long before that. A chronic back injury prevented Sofia from finding work after she was laid off as a shipping clerk

She reported just days after Vanessa’s 18 He went bankrupt and got engaged to the budding NBA superstar around the time

While Kobe and Vanessa agreed that their mother-in-law shouldn’t live with them, they took care of their living conditions and made sure she was around to have as much access to their granddaughters as possible

“For almost two decades, we made sure my mother lived for free in our nearby homes because she claimed she had no money to buy her own house after her divorce,” she said

Vanessa admitted that Sofia watched Natalia and Gianna when they were little – like most grandparents – but was never treated as Kobe’s personal assistant or nanny for their children

“I was looking for a new home for her earlier this year, and a week later she went on TV and gave an interview that belittled our family and made false allegations while living rent-free in a gated apartment complex on the Newport Coast Even after that betrayal, I was willing to give my mom monthly support for the rest of her life, and that wasn’t good enough, ”Vanessa added

Sure, Kobe had disagreements with his in-laws from time to time, but his relationship with Sofia has been great for the most part.Laine was reportedly a huge fan of Bryant on the court and was even present in his last NBA game Sofia was in the Staples too Center when Bryant withdrew his two shirt numbers

She’s a staple of the Bryant household even during the holidays Bryant shared a photo of his family on Thanksgiving last year Laine imagined enjoying a good meal with her grandchildren

Considering how well Bryant has treated her mother in the past, Vanessa is shocked at how she can do this to the family, especially at this time

“My husband never made promises to my mother and he would be so disappointed with her behavior and lack of empathy,” she said

Contrary to Sofia’s claims that she babysat for her daughter sometime after Kobe’s death, Vanessa Bryant claims that her mother has not supported the family physically or emotionally since the tragedy, instead of being there for Vanessa and her three daughters, Laine is suing her own child just because Vanessa “did not give in to her hurtful threats and money requests”

“She is now trying to get more money than my husband and I ever spent to care for her while he was alive. She has no regard for how this affects my children and me. She wants the rest live their life from my daughters and me ”

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