Staying alive will be the real challenge in the upcoming Firebase Z Cold War Easter egg hunt

When will the Cold War Firebase Z Easter egg quest be released? After the new update for Season 1: Reloaded, we can now explore the new Firebase Z Zombies map, but there are still some secrets to uncover.It will be a matter of hours before the quest unlocks Here are some things worth checking out while we wait

There are a lot of zombies that keep us busy, and there is a new Tombstone Soda Perk that we can use to return as shadows and revive ourselves, so it’s time to put your zombie-killing skills to the test in a new arena before tomorrow’s update I’m here to bring you all the info on Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Easter Eggs we’ve found so far

While the Firebase Z card is already active and ready to play, the Easter egg hunt is not yet active February at 900 a.m. (PT / 1200 p.m. ET / 1700:00 GMT) unlocked

The main quest for Easter eggs in #FirebaseZ will be launched until 900 p.m. PT / 1200 p.m. ET / 1700:00 GMT Friday February Disabled 5 to ensure everyone can start hunting on an equal basis1 February 2021

When the Easter egg “Die Machine Cold War Zombies” hit the market, the community managed to crack the Easter egg in just three hours. The update for Season 1: Reloaded was released on April 4th February released at an inconvenient time for some players So it makes sense for Treyarch to delay the search to make sure everyone can get in and start the hunt at the same time

While we wait for the Easter egg to unlock, we can practice some steps in the meantime.If you’ve been looking for The Machine’s Easter Egg last year, you’ll remember that there were many steps to follow, it seems than Firebase Z could follow a similar structure, let’s first examine how to turn on the power and use the Pack-A-Punch machine

After spawning in the atrium, remove the zombies to earn points.It is best to spend a few laps here to stock up as the doors open a little faster once you are ready to move on

Go to the courtyard and close the first door for 1250 points. Go through the door and go up the stairs on the left. Keep going until you reach the teleporter. This will take you to the helipad if you have a quick look around You will find that there are three ether reactors, each marked with a star symbol

Go to the vehicle fleet and part from 1250 points to open the blue door and walk in. The ether reactor is on a metal grille through a door that leads you back outside. Spend 500 points to enter the first ether reactor activate you have to stay in this area and kill zombies near the reactor to charge it.There are two collection units (one on each side of the etheric reactor) that you also have to protect from the waves of zombies once the reactor is fully charged, light up both collection units pink

Repeat this process for the ether reactors in the Military Command and Data Center, remember that you will need a number of points to open the doors to each area and charge the reactors

Go back your steps to the teleporter in the helipad and return to your starting point. Drop into the courtyard and then head to the atrium to use the Pack-A-Punch machine

For the previous Zombies Easter egg, we had to find and use a magic bullet So I can imagine that we’ll need them for this too Firebase Z introduces a new wonder weapon called the REINI K-84 Just like the Ray Gun of the Cold War in The Machine, this one is in Mystery Boxes.Opening these boxes costs 950 points but the drops are random So there is no guarantee that you will unbox one on the first try

We can’t make the new wonder weapon right now, but we know how to get its blueprints and some of its components before the Easter egg starts. Here’s everything we can about the RAI K-84 Wonder Weapon in Call of Duty: Cold War know

The Tombstone Soda Perk allows you to revive yourself and find your items again later if you came down on the Firebase Z card.You can purchase the Tombstone Soda Perk for 2500 points at a special machine next to the blue gate in the Helipad area Remember that you will have to use the teleporter to visit this place

Drink the soda while you are still alive and kicking Then when you are knocked down by a wave of zombies you have the option to create a tombstone shadow while you bleed to death, this will spawn you like a shadow with your guns so you can run to your body and revive yourself while being in yours Shadow shape, you have a strict time limit So don’t waste your time and get back to your body asap

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