Matt James’ bachelor’s love story is not expected to end the way past spoilers claim he will almost break his last lady’s heart before offering her the last rose

Spoilers throughout the season have been reporting that James will select Rachael Kirkconnell – yes, the woman criticized several years ago for attending an “Old South”-themed party for details about a possible engagement between the two were so far rare

Reality Steve claimed Thursday there won’t be an engagement – just an ongoing relationship for James and Kirkconnell outside of the show, but a closer look at James’ last week should warn fans that there’s a ton more drama going on / p>

James’ last two wives will be Michelle Young and Kirkconnell, but Young reportedly won’t last long last week James is reportedly going to send her home long before a rose ceremony the night she meets his family

When Young is gone, viewers will likely assume a smooth ending for Kirkconnell and James.But they’ll be wrong if they bet, Reality Steve says James should cancel his last date with Kirkconnell if he’s in a conflict, Both for his search for love and for talking to his estranged father, this decision to disagree on the date with Kirkconnell is apparently going to make her turn around and assume that James doesn’t want to hang out with her

Instead of a definitive date, James Kirkconnell will allegedly ask “to meet him at the lake where they were staying overnight,” according to Reality Steve. It’s a devious finale moment in which James Kirkconnell will offer the last rose without the one normal glitz and glamor of other, more extravagant Bachelor engagements

“Matt tells her he can’t suggest anything BUT that he loves her and can’t imagine his life without her,” Reality Steve wrote on Thursday. “She accepts the last rose and they go as a couple. No engagement and no promise ring either Just an agreement to essentially continue dating “

Then the after-show drama is about to begin. Kirkconnell’s controversial actions will be the focus of the “After the Final Rose” segment, which will also reveal that James and Kirkconnell officially split shortly after Valentine’s Day – possibly influenced by the public backlash against Kirkconnell both parties are believed to be single and likely to be recovering from the split

So it certainly doesn’t sound like the happy ending many fans are no doubt hoping for, but some segments of Bachelor Nation may be relieved that Kirkconnell won’t end with James in the long run, and to end things more promisingly, Reality claimed Steve Also That The New Bachelorette Will Be Revealed In The Episode If you want Bachelorette spoilers now, click here

The Bachelor final will be on 15 March will be a three-hour episode, and Emmanuel Acho will host in place of Chris Harrison. The “After the Final Rose” segment was reportedly pre-recorded on Friday

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