My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell walked into the west wing of the White House on Friday with plans for something resembling a coup from his meeting with President Trump.An eagle-eyed Twitter user corrected a photo of a piece of paper in the right hand of the mustache-topped mattress topper mogul, which included phrases like “Insurrection is now acting as a result of attack” – apparently last week’s Capitol insurrection It also clearly shows Kash Patel, a hardcore Trump loyalist, “as the incumbent CIA “and refers to Trump’s former attorney and well-known conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell in an unfamiliar context. Above in bold is:” Frank Colon as incumbent national security “Colon is referred to as an attorney with” Cyber Expertise “in connection with” Fort Mead [e] “, whereby US. Cyber ​​Command is headquartered

Michael Lindell, CEO of @MyPillowUSA, shows off his notes before leaving on Friday the 15th ImageTwittercom / AY6AyJNSyE

goes to the west wing of the White House in Washington, DC, on Jan.

Intelligencer spoke to a person who matched this description – a cyber attorney from Fort Meade – who on Friday afternoon expressed confusion over obvious plans to participate in a coup. That Frank Colon described himself as “just a government employee, who works for the Army “Seemed confused as to why he was in any senior role to the President and said he had never met Lindell even though” I saw him on TV “(Lindell did not respond to a request for comment)

Colon said, “I have been called into many projects for the Pentagon,” including Operation Warp Speed, but it would be “strange to be this far down in the Department of Defense” to take on the role of National Security Advisor “But people know me at the Pentagon because there just aren’t a lot of [people doing cyber law]”

It is not known what Lindell Trump said during their meeting, but last month, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn Trump suggested in the Oval Office that the President declare martial law to re-run the election

Trump will leave Washington Wednesday morning before Biden is sworn in and will be the first modern day president to skip his successor’s inauguration

Instead, Trump will attend an unprecedented farewell ceremony at Joint Base Andrews, outside Washington, where Air Force One is kept. No new president has held his own farewell ceremony in Andrews

Don’t believe the rumors: Trump and Giuliani are still friends (although it’s unclear whether Trump will pay his legal fees)

If Rudolph W Giuliani treated his efforts to realize President Trump’s desire to abandon the 2020 presidential election results as a payment option – he suggested a daily deductible of 20Withdrawing $ 000 for his legal services from the burgeoning legal fund of the Trump campaign – the president rejected him and responded by demanding that each issue be personally approved

Nine weeks and one more impeachment trial later, Mr. Trump started the day on Thursday with a plea from aid workers to clean up any signs of a tear Twitter has been stripped of his Twitter account Trump conveyed his praise through an advisor, Jason Miller, who tweeted, “I just spoke to President Trump and said to myself that @RudyGiuliani is a great guy and patriot who devotes his services to the country Has! We all love America’s Mayors! “

White House officials are generally angry with Mr. Giuliani and blame him for both of Mr Trump’s impeachments But the president is a different story

Even if he talks about Mr. Giuliani’s recent efforts were unsuccessful, the president remains unusually respectful of him in public and in private. “Don’t underestimate him,” said Mr. Trump has told advisors

But only up to a point while Mr. Trump and his advisors met weeks ago on the 20th000 dollar request opposed It is unclear whether the President Mr. Giuliani is paid anything but costs

Jaime Harrison, who demonstrated his fundraising skills in his race against Lindsey Graham, will be the next DNC ​​Chair

President-elect Joe Biden has elected former South Carolina Senate nominee Jaime Harrison as the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee to redesign the national party infrastructure and better compete with Republicans

Harrison, 44, former South Carolina Democratic Party leader, raised more than $ 130 million to help defeat Sen Lindsey O. Graham (R) made a name for himself among Democrats across the country last year. His candidacy for the DNC chairmanship was promoted by Rep. James E Clyburn (D-SC), a close ally of Biden who played an instrumental role in Biden’s main Democratic contest, Harrison’s pick was vindicated by two Democrats familiar with Biden’s decision

Dr Harold N Bornstein, who was President Donald J’s personal physician for a while and who had confirmed that Mr. Trump would be “the healthiest person ever elected to the presidency,” died Friday. He was 73 years old

His death was announced in a paid notice in the New York Times on Thursday The notice did not give a reason or where he died

I received the second dose of # COVID19vaccine last week and understand the effects will take time.I have continued to have regular testing, wear my mask, and follow the recommended guidelines Remotely Continuing New York Congressional District Until I Get My Doctor’s Approval I encourage all residents to follow Public Health Guidelines for the Safety of Our # NY13 Community

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My Pillow Dude, Mike Lindell

World News – USA – Even the guy the MyPillow CEO wanted to win for a coup is confused