Emma Roberts is officially a mom! The actress gave birth to her first child with her boyfriend Garrett Hedlund

Roberts gave birth in Los Angeles on Sunday, December 27, according to multiple reports The Holidate actress and Hedlund reportedly named their new bundle of joys Rhodes ET has asked for confirmation

The Scream Queens star and 36-year-old Hedlund have been dating since March 2019, when they were spotted together shortly after their engagement to Evan Peters ended

In August, she confirmed her pregnancy on Instagram with a picture of her cradling her baby bump, and also revealed that she and Hedlund were expecting a boy

A month later, she shared another picture of her growing stomach “Baby doll dress has a whole new meaning 🎀,” she joked

In November, Roberts became the first pregnant cover star for Cosmopolitan and posed for the women’s magazine, where she read about the upcoming motherhood and her pregnancy journey for the December / January issue

“At 16, I thought, ‘At 24 I’m married and have kids,’ she told the magazine.” And then I was 24 and thought, ‘Do you remember when I said I was going to be married with kids now? ‘ At work, especially in acting – the journey, the lessons – it is not always beneficial to settle down in the traditional way “

“It really started to get to the fore when I learned a few years ago that I had undiagnosed endometriosis since I was young,” she continued. “I’ve always had debilitating cramps and periods, so bad that I did missed school and had to cancel meetings later I mentioned this to my doctor who didn’t bother and sent me on my way because maybe I was dramatic In my late 20s I just felt like I had to switch to a doctor It was the best decision She took tests and sent me to a specialist Eventually it was confirmed that I wasn’t dramatic But by then it had affected my fertility I was getting it Said, “You should probably freeze your eggs or consider other options'”

Although Roberts’ Street had its ups and downs, the minute she and Hedlund parted with good news

“It sounds cheesy, but when I stopped thinking about it, we got pregnant,” reveals Roberts, “But even then, I didn’t want to raise my hopes. If you’re pregnant, something can go wrong that can’t be seen on Instagram. So I kept it for me, my family and my partner and didn’t want to make big plans if it didn’t work out. This pregnancy made me realize that the only plan you can have is that there is no plan “

ET spoke to Roberts in October where she talked about her mom, Kelly Cunningham, who accidentally spilled the beans on her pregnancy messages on Instagram

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Emma Roberts

World news – USA – Emma Roberts gives birth to a boy, Garrett Hedlund

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