Gen Z discovered’ love the way you lie ‘last week and questioned the lyrics:’ If she ever tries to go f —— again / I’mma tie her up Bed and light this house “

The newest target of the Generation Z Crusade at TikTok didn’t even have to come up with something new to respond to, Eminem has been armed and ready for this fight throughout his career

Instead of dropping a new freestyle or hitting the studio, the legendary rapper simply released a new music video for an existing track from his 2020 release, “Music to Be Murdered By – Side B” “

“Tone Deaf” was ready for the abandonment culture before the abandonment culture was ready for Em. And let’s face it, the rapper has been cancellation-proof since he started with the line “Hello kids, do you like violence?” Came on stage

A deep dive into the lyrical content throughout his career makes it clear that he feeds on this abandonment culture and has been doing so ever since, before it even got that name, mothers tried to cancel it in the 2000s, even mixing government and law enforcement a

Each step created just one more insta-classic album release and even more success and fame for the man who was once the greatest artist in the world. He may have faded from the glory of those heights, but he can still figure it out / p>

“It’s okay not to like my s — / Everything is fine, drink your wine, b —- / And go offline, stop whining, this is just a rhyme, b – — “, he intones on the track that was released more than a year before Gen Z

“I won’t stop even if my hair turns gray (I’m numb) / Because they won’t stop until they cancel me (yes, yes),” he knocked, clearly predicting what exactly has happened now

Last week his name was even posted on Twitter, although it was mostly Millennials and Generation X who were quick to defend TikToker for the most part, sticking to the younger Skewing platform for the most part, sparking an interesting cross-platform debate about the rapper. p>
Knowing about the controls and attacks he’d already suffered during his career over its lyrical content, Em knew it was only a matter of time before Gen Z took the time to listen to his music And there was absolutely no doubt that they would try to cancel him about it

Eminem had been targeted this time around when Gen Z apparently first spotted his collaboration with Rihanna “Love the Way You Lie” It was the lines, “If She Ever Tries To Leave / I’mma Tie Her On.” Bed and set this house on fire “that they set off

These aren’t even the most flammable lyrics in Eminem’s deep music catalog, although the artist himself mentioned telling a desperate, obsessed fan, “This is clowing,” in his Oscar-winning Stan, “And he’s certainly not the only one Artist who expresses violence in his art

The premise of his 2010 collaboration, in which TikTok caused a sensation, is the dysfunction of both parties in a doomed relationship – and yet neither party seems willing or able to break up / p>

The track was a huge commercial hit for the duo and received critical acclaim when it was released for its fight against domestic abuse Rihanna said that his insightful and honest look at this type of relationship is why the song is so powerful

She received the same recognition for a sequel from her character’s perspective that further illustrates the dysfunctional relationship and violence perpetrated by both parties.It’s not meant to be an easy song (or two) to hear, but it’s one that has had a deep resonance with those who were there

Eminem Tone Deaf

World News – USA – Eminem is for TikTok attempts to cancel him with new music video, ‘Tone Deaf’