The competitive California employment agency admitted Monday that it had “an intermittent problem” with the computer system its employees use to process unemployment benefits

The state’s Department of Employment Development has advised employees of several state lawmakers that the computer system used to handle unemployment benefits is experiencing downtime and disruption

“We’re trying to catch up with our IT staff,” said Loree Levy, a spokeswoman for the state EDD. “It appears that there was an intermittent problem”

“My employees contacted the EDD, who informed us that they are aware of the problem and are working to solve it,” said Sen Josh Becker, D-Menlo Park, said in comments emailed to this news organization, “They haven’t deployed an ETA” to get the site back up and running consistently

The website checker “Is It Down Right Now” reported Sunday that the EDD Unemployment Benefits website “is in trouble”

“The technology at EDD continues to fail,” explained Congregation member Jim Patterson, R-Fresno, in comments emailed to this news organization, “instead of getting clean and telling us what is actually going on, they continue to mislead us and the people of California who rely on them ”

Thousands of people who identify themselves as trying to certify to receive unemployment benefits have posted complaints about EDD problems on the Is It Down Right Now website, workers said they had problems going to the EDD -Site to get to, or difficulty processing requests

“Some customers are having problems using these services,” was the message a representative received on the EDD unemployment benefit website, according to a post on the down detection website, “We are working to get the service as soon as possible possible to restore Please try again later ”

Serious difficulties with the EDD are nothing new to the agency, which has been under fire from state lawmakers and the public for nearly a year

As of March 2020, the EDD was buried in an avalanche of unemployment claims, which it has since found it difficult to pay on time.The results were uneven at best

Unemployment claims skyrocketed after California workers lost their jobs in record numbers due to plant shutdowns ordered by state and local government agencies to contain the spread of the coronavirus

California workers seeking government assistance have encountered a bureaucratic maze of roadblocks, including a broken telephone center, faulty computer system, suspended benefit payments, and fraud

To make the situation worse, the EDD backlog of unpaid claims remains over 1 million and is actually increasing

From the 17th By March, 106 million workers were trapped in a traffic jam at EDD, a slight increase of 500 claims from the previous week, the official EDD dashboard reported

Error message on EDD website, computer system malfunction warning, March 2021 The competitive California employment agency admitted Monday that it had “an intermittent problem” with its computer system that workers use to process unemployment benefits

State Employment Development Director Rita Saenz testifies at a state legislative oversight hearing of issues with the EDD in February 2021, The competitive California employment agency admitted Monday that “a temporary problem” has surfaced with its computer system , with which employees process applications for unemployment benefits

The EDD website for processing jobless claims this week occasionally showed error messages that are displayed via a Chrome browser and a Firefox browser (screenshot)

The backlog of 106 million reported by EDD consists of 933100 initial unemployment claims and 122200 Ongoing Claims A claim becomes part of the arrears, according to the official statement from the EDD, if more than 21 days have passed without a timely payment to the employee or a final decision by the EDD on the status of the claim, the EDD says they am working on a more accurate way to determine the size of the residue

ominously, in a separate issue for California workers, the EDD has warned that unemployed workers may be up until Jan. April – or even until 30 April – Have to wait to receive the $ 300 additional weekly benefits recently approved by the federal government The $ 300 additional weekly benefits are expected to expire on Labor Day

Sen Becker said the EDD had to keep people better informed about what was happening on the website. Becker said he had forwarded his concerns directly to EDD director Rita Saenz

“EDD needs to improve its public reporting on key performance metrics,” Becker said. “I urge EDD to include availability and downtime in these metrics. I’m in discussions with the director on this matter”

A California employee said that even after definitive contact with an EDD agent on the phone, it was not possible to provide immediate assistance on Monday

“After 100 calls, I was finally able to reach someone, but they said they couldn’t help me because their system was down,” worker Tierra Zachman stated in a state legislative message on Monday,


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