Brown’s cornerback Denzel Ward dropped an intercept earlier in the drive, but got Carson Wentz back when it mattered most, Wentz threw his second intercept with the Eagles, who were on the 10-yard line It was the Birds’ second goalless Redzone ride, and it was Wentz’s second costly interception

Jason Peters’ tough day ended prematurely. He was replaced by Jordan Mailata in a left tackle at the end of the fourth quarter. Peters gave up two sacks and one led to a safety

Instead of needing a field goal and touchdown, the Eagles now need two touchdowns in the final four minutes to beat the Browns The Browns’ attack relied on a tired Eagles defense for nine runs on an 11 game – ride

On the Eagles Defense, Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt were bottled until Chubb broke a 54-yard run highlighted by a devastating stiff arm, Hunt finished the ride with a five-meter touchdown run and a hurdle that Running back duo showed why they are among the best in the league, bringing the Eagles back by two points

Kareem Hunt flies for the TD! # Browns📺: #PHIvsCLE on FOX📱: NFL-App // Yahoo Sports-App: https: // tco / XvGQdBFS2I BildTwittercom / xpIVbRvXGx

Nick Chubb MY CHARITY # Browns📺: #PHIvsCLE on FOX📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app: https: // tco / XvGQdBFS2I image Twittercom / ycXDeoS2zy

A 43-yard field goal from Jake Elliott reduced the Eagles’ deficit to two. The Eagles put together a six-game drive, highlighted by a 29-yard pass for Richard Rodgers

The Eagles blocked another potential Browns goal chase after Derek Barnett returned to play and blocked a field goal, the field goal would give the Browns an eight point lead in a game where points were difficult to get provides

The Eagles announced that Lane Johnson (shoulder), Derek Barnett (knee) and Cre’Von LeBlanc (ankle) are in doubt about their return

Nobody has been laid off more this season than Carson Wentz, and not even Myles Garrett’s absence could stop the Browns from adding in Olivier Vernon was driven by Jason Peters for safety reasons, making it his third sack and the Browns fourth at Two Peters was a victim of it

Jason Peters has to be put on a bench. He got a chip from Greg Ward and help from Isaac Seumalo and still allowed Olivier Vernon to fire #Eagles for security reasons

Baker Mayfield scored a 42-yard pass for KhaDarel Hodge in the Browns’ first game, which was all it took for the Browns to score a 46-yard field goal from Cody Parkey

A game after a Fletcher Cox sack and a forced fumble capitalized Carson Wentz He found Richard Rodgers wide open in the back of the end zone for a 19-yard touchdown It was also a makeup piece for Rodgers He missed one Block on Wentz ‘Pick-Six Cox’ strip sack was salvaged by Alex Singleton

Fletcher Cox is a strong person # FlyEaglesFly📺: #PHIvsCLE on FOX📱: NFL-App // Yahoo Sports-App: https: // tco / XvGQdBFS2I BildTwittercom / 5gaUWvtyfB

Wentz delivers to Rodgers to even out the score! # FlyEaglesFly📺: #PHIvsCLE on FOX📱: NFL-App // Yahoo Sports-App: https: // tco / XvGQdBFS2I BildTwittercom / DmV3lW629R

Don’t question Jason Kelce’s toughness, even though he’s not even able to buckle his chin strap into the group, the starting center is back again.His mobility at the left elbow is limited, but he seems good enough to play with

Both offenses reached each other’s five-yard line but didn’t score any points, which is perhaps the best way to describe the first half. Rainy games sometimes cause ugly games, but the mistakes so far are more than just weather The only number of points scored was Brown’s linebacker Sione Takitaki with a pick-six

It is debatable whether Jason Kelce can return after an elbow injury. He slammed his helmet on the floor and showed his displeasure.After refusing to go into the blue tent, he went into the locker room Kelce is the only lineman of the Eagles who missed no action has started 99 straight games, which is the longest streak in the NFL for a center. Uncovered rookie Luke Juriga is in the middle

With Jason Kelce injured, one could argue that Jordan Mailata is the Eagles’ third best offensive lineman available, so it doesn’t make much sense to have him on the sidelines now #Eagles

Kelce just grabbed one of those blue tablet devices with his right hand, now he’s going into the locker room

The Eagles spent a good part of the week talking about the importance of avoiding the mental mistakes that handicapped them against the Giants last Sunday so their practice efforts don’t pay off as the line of defense in the first three series of Browns commits three encroachments

Carson Wentz held the ball a second too long and there were six points for the Browns Wentz double pumped, looked off a receiver and was hit trying to pass Miles Sanders, the ball fluttered and was picked up The interception goes on Wentz’s statistics sheet, but it wasn’t all his fault.It was Wentz’s NFL-leading 13th Intercept

Yes Wentz stared at him I have to toss it Horrible block by Richard Rodgers https: // tco / ia7T6t6Wm4

TAKITAKI TO THE HOUSE #Browns @ STakiTaki📺: #PHIvsCLE on FOX📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app: https: // tco / XvGQdBFS2I BildTwittercom / 5oxAuulKSz

Big air games kicked off the Browns’ second run, but the Eagles stood tall against the barrel Philly stopped Kareem Hunt at the one-yard line in what was originally considered a touchdown. The Eagles took the scrimmage Line and Browns Run Game Controlled The Browns had a run of 13 games and 94 yards prior to turnover
A promising first run was halted after Miles Sanders fumbled four yards from the end zone. The Eagles had nine transfers for 49 yards on the first run and ran on eight consecutive games

With Nate Herbig inactive and dealing with a finger injury, Matt Pryor started on the right Sunday is Pryor’s sixth start of the season, everyone is on guard

The Eagles won the throw and pushed it on until the second half. You’ll get an early glimpse of the Browns’ running game. Eagles Third Round Pick Davion Taylor had his first career NFL start against the Browns Sunday He did in Got more snaps over the past few weeks but now appears to be campaigning to be the team’s third linebacker in base defense.Taylor, considered the raw but explosive athlete of the season, got the start via Duke Riley

Hello, Eagles fans, welcome to the 10th Iteration of the Eagles game day live blog The 3-5-1 Eagles are fast approaching their matchup with the 6-3 Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium. The Birds still have first place in the NFC East but a whopping five begins today -Games route in which they will face five teams with at least six wins in week 11

It’s a miserable, cold, and rainy day in Cleveland that will benefit the Browns Cleveland has the best running-back tandem in the NFL in Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, both of which were another rainy afternoon last week ran 100 yards against the Houston Texans

The Eagles will get Isaac Seumalo back, which should give a boost to the left side of the offensive line The right side doesn’t have the same level of comfort as Nate Herbig is believed to be inactive for either Matt Pryor, Jack Driscoll or Sua Opeta due to a finger injury could start on the right

It Could Be Worse The Browns will be missing Myles Garrett, arguably the best edge rusher in the NFL, after the 24-year-old was put on the COVID-19 / reserve list

Be sure to study the game keys and matchups to see Paul Domowitch’s key numbers

Do you have a prediction for the game? See how far you are from me and the rest of the Eagles’ beat writing crew here

The calls for Jalen Hurts get a little louder as Carson Wentz battles Jeff McLane investigating what the Eagles would need to bank their franchise quarterback

The Eagles’ running backs may be the only bright spot on the offensive, but as Les Bowen writes, even they have their share of problems

Domo has caught up with former Eagles manager Joe Banner, who sees no world where Jeffrey Lurie will blow things up this off-season, even if the team is struggling

For the first time in several years, the Eagles haven’t explained an elite offensive line game to Marcus Hayes why the injured group is the real reason behind this year’s fighting

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Eagles vs Browns

World News – USA – Eagles Trail 22-17 after the Browns’ RB duo come alive in fourth quarter