Dustin Diamond is battling stage 4 small cell carcinoma and has completed his first round of chemotherapy

A member of Diamond’s team confirms to ET that he has completed his first round of chemo and is planning his next round. He will also be starting physiotherapy soon. Diamond’s team looks forward to spending more time with his girlfriend, his bass guitar and more Playing video games and making videos for its fans on social media TMZ first covered the news

Earlier this month, the 44-year-old, who was rescued by the Bell star’s team, posted on his Facebook page that he was diagnosed with cancer two days after they confirmed ET that he was in pain Florida was hospitalized all over and a general feeling of discomfort

Back in October, Diamond had informed a member of his team of a lump in his throat who suspected it could be thyroid cancer However, due to COVID, he was reluctant to visit the hospital His team also shared this with ET. His doctors hope chemotherapy will add a few years to his life, but it is still unconfirmed whether the disease is fatal

Diamond is best known for playing the character Screech on Saved by the Bell, although he was not featured in the recent reinterpretation of the series, which premiered on Peacock last year after the news of his cancer diagnosis broke out, some of his former co-stars showed their support for him, including Mario Lopez, who played A.C. Slater in the popular ’90s sitcom He featured a relapse of the two alongside a newer side by side

“I connected with Dustin tonight and while the news of his diagnosis is heartbreaking, we remain confident that he will overcome this,” wrote Lopez. “I pray for him, &, his family and a speedy recovery God bless “

In an interview with ET in November, another former Diamond co-star Elizabeth Berkley recalled him as “friendly” “

“I wish Dustin all the best,” she said, noting that she wasn’t sure he would ever appear in the Peacock Revival “I haven’t seen him in many years but I wish him all the best was always nice to me “

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“Saved by the Bell” star Dustin Diamond diagnosed with cancer

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Small cell carcinoma

World News – USA – Dustin Diamond has stage 4 small cell carcinoma

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