It may not be the NCAA tournament yet, but it’s March and that game has been insane every 45 minutes

Duke traveled to Atlanta and fell on Tuesday night in overtime in what is perhaps the most important matchup of the two teams’ season so far between 81 and 77 against Georgia Tech Every squad that sat on the NCAA tournament bubble entered the competition a Wendell Moore Jr Mark Williams scored 20 on 9 of 19 and another 20 on perfect 9v9, but that wasn’t enough for the Blue Devils

“It’s been almost a year,” said head coach Mike Krzyzewski. “This is roughly the fifth or sixth one-ball game we’ve lost So you almost have a really good year and instead have a 500 year. But that’s the game ”

At 1:39 in overtime, Georgia Tech Guard Jordan Usher found an open Moses Wright in the color and the tall man washed him home and put the yellow jackets 74-68 in the dagger that turned out to be a dagger / p>

Wright’s dunk came at the end of a big man’s dominant night The senior striker scored a total of 29 points and 14 rebounds on the way to taking full control of the game for the Yellow Jackets

DJ Steward gave the Blue Devil believers a glimmer of hope with a 3-hand to the eight-second mark to bring Georgia Tech’s lead down to 79-76, and with two seconds in overtime, Duke (Jan. -10, 9) -8 in the ACC) had one last chance thanks to a sloppy Yellow Jacket Inbound Pass

But Steward was unable to hit those three and sealed the deal for the Blue Devils’ second consecutive extension against an NCAA tournament bubble team

Although Steward had committed a late offense, he and his fellow student Jeremy Roach were virtually non-factors for the entire game, only getting 11 points and six turnovers together

“We don’t get any production from our perimeter, from our guards. This is the second game in a row that they have had a hard time fighting veterans,” said Krzyzewski. “Alvarado is obviously excellent and Devoe, but also Parham – they are older people and have pushed back our young perimeter ”

Georgia Tech Guard Jose Alvarado played well below his typical standard, finishing 3-of-10 with just 10 points, but his six points in overtime made up for the lack of insult earlier in the night. p>

Williams started extra time with a slam dunk to give the Blue Devils a slight advantage, but those would be the only Duke points for nearly two minutes Georgia Tech (14-8, 10-6) scored six direct points, and the Blue Devils never regained the lead

After a six-second timeout, Duke faced the daunting task of finding the right person to take the final shot after Matthew fouled Hurt Brakefield missed the left to send the game into overtime with a tie of 64

The Blue Devils were just under five minutes behind 64-56, but then went on an 8-0 run triggered by a Goldwire layup and six consecutive points from Joey Baker Baker had until 2:21 didn’t score a single point, but couldn’t have found a better time to find his stroke

“These kids have been fighting all year, they never gave up, and again you have a unit that you don’t practice that much with and they’re in there and they find a way where you can really win,” said Krzyzewski “You got a great shot there and that would have been incredible. Nothing incredible just happened in this group, but they kept working hard and competing so they were a good group”

At 8:26 in the second half, Hurt did what looked like a one-one to the Blue Devils, but the foul turned out to be on him and instead of a momentum shifting result in Duke’s favor, the game became to the fourth personal foul of the second striker

Then, after just over six minutes in regular time, Hurt was fouled out of the game, forcing Duke to leave the track without his candidate for ACC Player of the Year

“It’s definitely the next man mentality,” Williams said. “Even though Matt fouled the game, he speaks every time he speaks to us to keep us positive and to keep us busy””

Moore took the lead for the visitors in the first half, scoring 16 of his 20 points in the opening period en route to a 34-31 Blue Devil lead in the break, but similar to the rest of the Duke offense, he calmed down the last stretch

After an emotional game, Duke will prepare for the second matchup with North Carolina next Saturday to end the regular season

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