A Ryanair passenger pleaded guilty after a drunken rampage on an airplane under the influence of alcohol flight from Tenerife in the Canary Islands to Manchester, England last month

According to the Manchester Evening News, Daniel Hendry, 24, refused to wear a face mask and was seen with an open bottle of vodka that was “three-quarters consumed” before later telling a male flight attendant on 29th January flight

“Damn it, I’m going to hit you and hit your head in,” Hendry told the crew member

“He got aggressive with a cabin crew member, Samuel Proietti, who couldn’t hear some of the comments he was making because of his heavy accent,” prosecutor Janice Vallancee told the Evening News

“Then he hit Mr. Proiretti, who did not make full contact when he pushed his head out of the way, but Hendry bandaged himself on the right side of his face but caused no visible injuries “

Hendry is also accused of petting the arm of a female crew member and trying to hug her

The pilot tried to divert the chaotic flight but was unable to do so due to airport closings due to pandemic.Instead, the flight landed 25 minutes earlier at Manchester Airport, where Hendry was taken into custody

Hendry is due to be convicted of the outbreak next month. Almost a year after the COVID-19 pandemic, airlines have banned thousands of travelers from refusing to cooperate with face covering requirements

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The flight attendant

World News – USA – Drunk Passenger Headbutts Flight attendant over face mask policy

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