With only days left in 2020, there’s a video pushing late for the most important viral video of the year and it’s a doozy.This viral video plays out like an award-winning film at the Cannes Film Festival: there’s a hero, a villain, fascinating supporting characters, as well as a roller coaster ride of feelings from anger to sadness to joy

Strange things are going on at Circle K in Elyria, Ohio Here a seemingly overly drunk man ceaselessly spits out racial slurs while paying for drinks at the grocery store A black man stands in line, patiently enduring the unsolicited abuse of The Black One politely asks the apparently rat-like Fopdoodle not to drop the N-word. Nevertheless, the drunk guy, who looks like Michael Rapaport’s slightly less annoying little brother, keeps his mouth open

“I’m not trying to respect you, brother, I’m not,” says the white kid. “I’ll say” n **** “all day every day”

The black man takes a can of twisted tea and swings it like a lightsaber that has yet to be activated. The sloshing Blowhard reacts with a scream: “What? Will you hit me with this “Then the drunken Hoodlum slams his drinks on the counter and yells:” Hit me! Hit me n ****! “

The black man drops the twisted tea on the floor and the cream puff tries to kick it, but misses it. Then the black man turns the can of twisted tea into a wonderful Excalibur sword and absolutely knocks down the cockalorum. A mighty “THWAAAAP” echoes through circle K, when the loudmouth is destroyed and he falls to the ground

The white child jumps back from the devastating blow, perhaps because it seems all zooted. But it was a big mistake for him to get up again. The Lord erases him again, brings him to the ground and lands several powerful blows on the Head The disgusting sh * t agitator is then almost suffocated

The video uploaded on Christmas Eve has already gone viral on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms, the internet has already done it, creating fun memes and awesome video remixes for the Twisted Tea that can be heard all over the world

This one is my favorite so far and I usually hate Phil Collins! #Repost via IG @stevebeck_wwizard ・ ・ ・ #meme #philcollins #intheairtonight #twistedtea #smackintheface #fight #gasstation #edit #merrychristmas picTwittercom / m3M3RTXw2n

T3 Twisted Tea Takedown – Pasty white boy writes checks that he cannot cash #TwistedTea #SmackDown BildTwittercom / S9WZZyLOcd

When did twisted tea become a deadly weapon meme? Did I miss anything over the weekend? ImageTwittercom / bPcnvUhsRP

Twisted Tea

World News – USA – Drunk guy at Circle K pronounces the N-word and is wiped out with a twisted tea can – see memes

Source: https://brobible.com/culture/article/circlek-twisted-tea-smack-memes/