Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson was convicted of pulling Jalen Hurts and playing [] backup Nate Sudfeld Sunday night (Photo by Mitchell Leff / Getty Images)

Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson played the quiet part on national television With his team a quarter away from their eleventh loss of the season on Sunday night, he drew dynamic rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts in spite of just a three- Points game was the eternal third Nate Sudfeld stepped into the middle and immediately threw the ball down to brutally intercept it

On Philadelphia’s next possession, Sudfeld fiddled with a snap and made two turnovers in five games.His expected inability allowed the 7-9 Washington Football team to get away with a 17-14 win and the NFC East Crown, Pederson says he did trained to win, but his actions suggest otherwise.He is outright upset, and pundits lament his lack of respect for the game The New York Giants players, whose playoff hopes depended on the Eagles defeating Washington, showed also dismayed “Why on God’s green earth is Jalen Hurts not involved,” tweeted Darius Slayton

But the Eagles owe nothing to the Giants and, quite frankly, have done what bad teams often do: improve their drafting skills. With the defeat, the Eagles, who ended the year with a 4-11-1 record, are now Choose 1st place 6 overall in the NFL Draft A win would have put you in 1st place 10 overall

Bad sports teams fuel all the time, although some make it more obvious than others.One of the most glaring examples was the Houston Astros around 2011-13.They averaged 54 wins over those three seasons and were voted in the top five for four years during this one At that time they designed Carlos Correa and Alex Bregman, two of the best baseball players and important members of their 2017 championship team

Unlike intentionally incompetent teams in MLB and NBA, the Eagles didn’t carry on their seemingly intentional stink for the duration of the year, instead it happened suddenly and at the crucial moment of the NFL season.But that doesn’t make Pederson’s actions any more egregious than other coaches, who play to lose Refueling is refueling, whether in front of a regional audience or on Sunday evening

There is a precedent for a sad NFL team to dump the final game of their season in an extreme way in Week 17 of the 2014 campaign, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with two wins led the New Orleans Saints 20-7 at halftime then they emptied their bank and tried only three passes in the second half

Tampa Bay lost 23-20 to claim the # 1 overall pick. It went on to draw Jameis Winston

Three years earlier, the Indianapolis Colts started the 0-13 season and were successful “Sucked for Luck” Likewise, the New York Jets fans wanted their 0-13 team to play “Tank for Trevor”, but the Jacksonville Jaguars have it displaces

Seasoned NFL players on bad teams often make dramatic points over the crime of refueling Two weeks ago, Eagles center Jason Kelce railed against the idea of ​​using the last few weeks of their futile season as an evaluation period “At all times in the NFL should the focus is on winning the football game, “he told reporters.” Nothing else has priority “

Even Pederson’s official explanation of why he pulled hurts doesn’t agree with that mantra. Pederson said he felt that Sudfeld “deserved an opportunity to snap some snapshots. In other words, the decision was to take one Make loyal backup feel good instead of putting the best quarterback on the field (Carson Wentz was inactive)

It’s unlikely Pederson went into the game on Sunday night expecting to lose If that was the case, why did he start Hurts in the first place? But when the game ended he likely saw an opportunity to get some of his trusty backups, and the loss was a worthwhile bonus

In a week, Pederson’s actions will be largely forgotten by playing a quarter-long Sudfeld almost certainly not alienating players or torpedoing corporate culture, but it did mean they had a better draft pick and possibly the opportunity to get one Picking Better Players The long term benefit of losing outweighs the short term embarrassment

It’s a computation coaches keep doing Pederson just made it to the biggest stage of the season The Eagles may have been a laughing stock on Sunday night, but they’ll be better off in the long run, provided they can choose

Alex Reimer is back on his second stint at SportsMoney. Reimer previously hosted and columnist for WEEI in Boston and has written for several publications,

Alex Reimer is back on his second stint at SportsMoney. Previously, Reimer was a host and columnist for WEEI in Boston and has written for several publications including Boston Magazine and SB Nation emailing him, ajreimer0 @ gmailcom

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