The move comes after Republicans voiced their anger over the delay, which resulted in millions of Americans losing unemployment benefits

Donald Trump abruptly signed a $ 900 billion Covid-19 discharge and spending bill, the days of drama over his refusal to accept the bipartisan deal that is providing businesses and individuals with the money they have longed for and a shutdown of the federal government will stop

Without the legislation, the government would have closed Tuesday and millions of Americans would have lost evictions and unemployment benefits. Its delay in signing the bill has already resulted in important unemployment assistance programs being forfeited

Trump blindsided members of both parties and months of negotiations last week when he demanded that the package – which has already been passed by a wide margin by the House and Senate and which is believed to be supported by Trump – be revised to accommodate and scale larger relief controls Returns

But on Sunday night when Trump was vacationing in Florida, he released a statement that he had signed the bill and that it was his “responsibility to protect the people of our country from the economic devastation and troubles” caused by the coronavirus were caused

The signing of the law prevents another crisis of Trump’s own creation and ends a stalemate with his own party in the final days of his administration It was unclear what Trump had achieved with his delay, other than upset all sides and authorized the Democrats to continue their efforts to obtain higher relief measures against which his own party spoke out

Trump received the bill last Thursday, and his decision to postpone signing allowed millions of Americans to expire unemployment benefits, with expired benefits not restarting until the first week of January

In the statement, Trump said he would still send a “redesigned” version of the bill to Congress, highlighting changes he wanted to the legislation, with no indication that Congress plans on those changes to react, also because Trump’s presidency ends in a few weeks

Trump ended the testimony by saying that “a lot more money is coming” even though he did not provide anything to support that promise

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell welcomed Trump’s signing of the bill. “I am glad the American people will receive this much-needed aid as our nation continues to fight this pandemic,” said the Kentucky Republican

Democratic House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi said it was a “down payment on what is needed,” adding, “Now the president must immediately urge Republicans of Congress to end their disability and join him and him Join Democrats in Support of Our Standalone Legislation Increase Direct Payment Checks to 2000 USD ”

Democratic lawmakers who have a majority in the House of Representatives and who have long had relief checks of 2Wanting $ 000, hoping to use a rare point of deal with Trump to push the proposal forward – or at least register Republicans against it – Monday afternoon vote

It wasn’t immediately clear why Trump had changed his mind when his opposition to the massive legislative package promised a chaotic final leg of his presidency

White House officials were excited about Trump’s thinking, but a source familiar with the situation Reuters cited said that some advisors had asked him to ease because they didn’t see the point of refusing

Republican officials were relieved that Trump had stepped back from his disguised veto threat, saying this should help Republican Senate candidates David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in the Georgia runoff elections on Jan. January help who will determine control of the Senate

Illinois Republican representative Adam Kinzinger said there was too much at stake for Trump to “play that old Switcheroo game”

“I don’t get the point,” he said, “I don’t understand what’s being done, why, unless it’s just about creating mayhem, showing power and being upset because you lost the choice have ”

Washington had been shaky since Trump closed the deal without warning, after gaining full approval in both Houses of Congress, and after the White House assured Republican leaders that Trump would support him.

The bill had been unsigned on his desk since Christmas, when the president, largely silent during weeks of intense negotiations, spent the weekend at Trump International Golf Course in West Palm Beach

Instead, he attacked the bill’s plan to provide most Americans with $ 600 Covid-19 relief checks – he insisted that it be 2Was supposed to be $ 000 – and challenged spending, which was contained in an attached $ 4 trillion government funding bill to keep the federal government going through September

And his opposition already had consequences when two federal unemployment benefit programs expired on Saturday

Lauren Bauer of the Brookings Institution had calculated that at least 11 million people would lose their aid immediately because Trump failed to sign the law Millions more would deplete other unemployment benefits within weeks

How and when people are affected by the extinction depends on the state they live in, the program they rely on, and when they applied for benefits

In some states, people with regular unemployment insurance continue to receive payments under a program that expands benefits when the unemployment rate exceeds a certain threshold, said Andrew Stettner, unemployment insurance expert and senior fellow in the Century Foundation think tank >

However, approximately 95 million people had relied on the Unemployment Support Pandemic Program, which all expired on Saturday.This program provided unemployment insurance to freelancers, gig workers, and others who are normally ineligible after receiving theirs Last checks, these recipients cannot apply for any further assistance, said Stettner

Joe Biden, who won the presidential election in November and who won the presidential election on Jan. January, when Trump’s successor is sworn in, accused him in a statement on Saturday of “waiving responsibility”

The relief bill disputes arise as the coronavirus pandemic in the United States continues to worsen Medical experts predict Biden that the darkest days are ahead

“We could very well see a post-season spike in terms of Christmas, New Years and Spikes,” said Dr Anthony Fauci, the US chief infectious disease, told CNN on Sunday

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